manual em portugues da filmadora panasonic ag · mintek portable dvd . manual azbox bravoo plus · samsung scx manual de internet gratis para celulares entel chile pdf . manual de azbox bravoo manual do tablet star em 14 jun. Manual CS na AZBOX 1- Material necessário Receptor Azbox com firmware que suporte o CS Software GBOX: HTT-HumaxGbox v, Que.

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Display the Detail Menu. Move the dish to the most eastern position and press the OK button to store it. Using the Check select more than one file to play in a list. The default setting is Stereo. All the keys have the same Break code 0xFF, 0x00 1. Please notice that this warranty is in addition to and does not affect the customers statutory rights. NOTE Limits do not need to be set if you have no obstacles or barriers preventing your dish from the full range of the motor.

You can change the several options in the detail menu. Delete all partitions of the device you want to use, and select Format with the OK button. Ensure that your satellite receiver is correctly connected to your television and dish, and that your satellite signal is of good quality by checking the Strength and Quality meter. Transponder informationTo watch a desired channel, put the highlight bar on its entry with the Navigation buttons and press the OK button, then it will be button.


Choose the device with the buttons, and select the files with the button, you canbuttons on the remote control. Safety PrecautionsPlease read carefully the following safety precautions.

Manual Card Sharing Azbox

You should see a screen like the left figure, and you will be asked your Password. After the complete message is received, select Execute with the OK button. Enter the keywordthat you want to search and choose either or both of these options; title4. While the receiver is in stand-by mode, it will show the current time.

Now you can just use the yellowbutton to start timeshift manually. Switch the digital receiver between stand-by mode and operation mode. Local area network port.

Switch between TV services and radio: A timer must be at portugyes 5 minutes long to activate. Subtitle symbol means subtitle tracks are provided on the current program.

Az Decos: Manual AZBOX BRAVOO Traduzido

When this Warranty Certificate is not returned with the product. For Premirer Multifeed Channels: Play once or Repeat. Create folder, Rename and Arrange. Move the dish to the most western position and press the OK button to store it. The displayed information can be adjusted for each selected satellite.

Azbox Hd Eng Manual

You must contact your dealer or OpenSat. On the services list, you can see the service information: The receiver may fall, causing serious personal injury and damage to the receiver. Audio and video output socket for the high definition television set.

The default setting is hravoo Enter a new category name in the box that appears and press the OK button. Number symbol or number means the censorship classification of the program.


The live program will beDo not remove the USB while recording a program or using the timeshift. If there is a file or folder named with other bravoo, the digital receiver cannot recognize not only it but also its subsequent files and folders.

When you watch a program, if the program has a subtitle track of the language that is designated for the Subtitle Language, it will be displayed. The default setting is Internet. In addition, you might see the following symbols: Portuguex the firmware file to your USB memory stick. Determine your selection or to display channel selection. Gua de insersin manual de EPGpara sistemas enigma2.

The default setting is English.

You must reboot your computer to adjust it. Each timer can be turned on or off.

Azbox Hd Eng Manual – [PDF Document]

Change the name of the highlighted service, See 4. When you want to move the antenna to a saved satellite position, select the satellite, choose Go To Position from the Command Mode and press button tosave the position.

Determine your selection or display channel selection. Check the Share this folder in Network option and input the share name. Standard play, Mnual, Repeat all or Random. The screen shows up the supported files stored in the HDD.