Hey guys! I’m looking for a PDF of the KDS Ebar V2 manual, but I’m having no luck. If there’s no such thing, how about a picture of the wiring. 25 ส.ค. ตัวแทนจำหน่ายของเล่นต่างๆ, Manual KDS EBAR V2. KDS EBAR V2 Flybarless electronic system shell is all aluminum build, Another the KDS EBAR V2 can support the Futaba string line to receive the the.

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BUS string line to receive the the Spektrum satellite antenna, if you want to connect a conventional receiver, using only two lines, a traditional 3-wire cable, a 1 signal line connection, which is now most of the three-axis gyroscope is the same practice.

KDS EBAR Flybarless System – Page 12 – RC Groups

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Mar 24, Already have the hardware and got the ebar in the recent HK sale at half price Bit of reading to catch up on and hoping for it to be an easy install. Built-spin correction when the helicopter ks the rotating tail machine experience steady at a fixed point on the rotation, will not offset phenomenon. Aug 29, May 10, Then I was ready to through the whole thing into the wall, but just then, I thought to my self.

Aug 30, Not that I would buy it if it was that price, but I think they would easily double their sales if they did lower it to that sort of price. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. It won’t work well on a KDS would have to send me a v2 for enar to change my mind about their gyros.


Didn’t work so well Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. I’d still like to have the manual though. Cannafish last of the sixties kids. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

I could not get the tail to stop wagging, installed a ZYX Tarot – and problems are gone. I found by trial and error that the best setup for me was only 10, otherwise tail shakes ods lot when I increase value. I use Medium setup with gain No more KDS for me. It also comes with the new Chase combos Only doubt I had was about the Gear in Live Monitor.

Flybarless system will become the trend? My problem is I don’t know which one is which.

I really recommend this unit. Which will meet the highest performance expectations. Apr 23, Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.

EBAR V2 Flybarless System

I’ll give it a shot as there is a fair bit of setup info. Sep 12, Jul 20, Your call, but you will struggle to get a good tail, most likely it will wag, unless you lower the gain to the point where the tail will not hold. Mar 26, May 15, Sep 08, In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. It’s not the same as the V1, for which I was able to find a manual.


There should have been a little CD that came inside the field module box which should contain the manual about the EBAR unit.

Ebar V2 manual? – HeliFreak

Did you read ebbar first post. Return to Mini Helis. Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Is an auto-stabiliser eg KDS Flymentor the same thing as flybarless systems?

For the price they sell the eBar for, there are far better choices. Page 12 of 13 First. Hoping I might be one of the ‘lucky’ few who don’t have a problem with it Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Set the card without using the computer to set the parameters, supporting ebaar convenient set of parameters.

Please enter a valid email address for yourself. I was really puzzled for quite some time trying to figure this out.