Here’s another incredible fold of Satoshi Kamiya’s Ancient Dragon and the photo shows off a very different view and details that you don’t. Picture of an origami ancient dragon folded from double tissue, back view; Designed by Satoshi Kamiya; Folded by Sara Adams;. Picture of an origami ancient dragon, front view; Designed and folded by Satoshi Kamiya; Seen at the British Origami Society Convention.

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Skip to main content. Yes, tissue foil is a combination of foil and tissue hence the name.

Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Front View

Sorry if I make many mistakes but here in Bolivia English is not the official language. This is the fourth time I attempted the model, and the first time I completed it. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it. Diagrams safoshi the book: This is as he wishes it, and I respect that.

I almost only fold from diagrams, others prefer videos or folding from crease patterns. Hm, I fear if steps are causing you problems you might not be ready for this model yet. S Is it hard reading origami from a book? If you have please tell me how difficult it is. Yes it is difficult.

satosho Ah, it’s been some time since I folded this. There are probably some sources, but thus far I’ve always made my own tissue paper glue tissue and paper together. I guess you didn’t search very well, then. Can I have a free Diagram for this sample?


Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Front View | Happy Folding

Now i wanted to ask you if you can give me some challinging modles or models you’ve designed by yourself. Ancient Dragon Satoshi Kamiya: I haven’t succeeded yet, although I’ve attempted it twice both times stopping after about 8 hours of folding.

I think u should but in more instrunctional videos such as john montrols three headed dragon. Please i need help with the steps !!! Skip to main content.

But in step 24 i have a problem i don’t no how it will go can you help me? By the way the paper was very, very big. Also see a picture of the front view. You need thin, but strong paper to get a nice result.

If any one needs any help folding the ancient dragon let me know, I can not make any videos of itbut I can guide you step by step if you like. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

More information about text formats. I don’t use spray glue, either. For example, I find Robert Lang’s ans Kamiya-san’s diagrams to be amongst the clearest. I haven’t folded Bahamut, and I don’t think I will. Hope that helped, if anyone else hasn’t helped you. I am very bored and i want a challenge so please make diagrams for the ancient dgagon. I believe you’ll have an easier time with double tissue. I’ve had that problem a lot with some models.

Where can you get tissue foil?

I don’t know if you can upload an instructional video, I know that it’s hard because it takes hours or more, but I am desperate and frustrated. The steps by themselves are of course doable, but you have to work with several layers of paper and this makes folding precisely difficult. What do i do? As to making an instructional video, it will not happen. It’s also why not every paper will work for this model. This time I made some double tissue, which is one of the recommended paper choices for the model.


It took me 5 weeks and 11 sheets of 60″X60″ paper, the paper it self plays a very important part in the folding, like Sara states, the paper has to be soft enough and strong enough to with stand the mutiply layer folding.

Please tell me a it’s not a lie; b it’s 3. As to tips to these steps, I fear I don’t have the book with me.

Ancient Dragon Satoshi Kamiya | Paper: double tissue 87×87 c… | Flickr

To see the origami zing dragon go to http: Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. I don’t have spray glue so is there any other glue which I can use to create tissue foil???

Sara If its not to abcient can you make an instruction video. I recommend using double tissue: HiI just manage to complete folding the ancient dragon using the Satoshi Kamiya book, it is extreamly difficult.