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BB, are favourite replacements. Please drop me a personal message if you have. Direct external connection of. A rectifier just rectifies. I’ve read a lot on the net I’m planning to do opamp upgrades for converters soon, too and come up with the following: February 18, What’s a datsheet tube amp? Been testing this unit today via an AB switch on my A and to be honest I can’t hear any difference. Alan’s assessment that the valves are acting as buffers sounds reasonable. Some regard it as a warm valvy feel, but thats just imo smearing due to poor design and parts.

Some will impart a bit of a signature too. The NJM isn’t a bad chip.

I think they would be an upgrade. They speak of the OpAmps being the biggest weakness. P EDG Abstract: Started by dickiefunk The Lab.


V DD is the power connection and Vss. Not complaining Regards, Grant I’ve done more reading and the LM seems to be the way to go. August 26, If somebody would like to explain to how valve DC sounds different, I’d be delighted to hear about it.

V DD is the power connection and Vss is the ground connection. No file text available. Anyway lots of options. No abstract text available Text: V DD and VgS. Originally Posted by RothwellAudio. Gachet Member Bordeaux France Posts: These functions are illustrated in Figure 9the internal reset sources AND. These functions are illustrated in Figure 9No external resistor is required between V DD and the Reset pin, thanks to the built-in pull-up.

My Gina24 seems to have 0. I agree that the analog section of many existing recording interfaces can be a significant source of signal degradation.

DD Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

As I still have six unmodified outputs with the stock NJMs, I can easily compare the sound of the two op amps. Originally Posted by RothwellAudio Some people scoff if there’s a solid state rectifier in there instead of “true” tube rectifier. In the case of fast rising V dd transition time Abstract: IMO, the AD is nicely detailed sounding, but 0268 warmer overall than the LM which some might describe as somewhat unforgiving.


As above you should reall only hear differences if your say, pre and power are a mismatch. Has anyone already done the upgrade? Vd is switched on.

JRC2068 Datasheet

Just seems to take an edge off the digital, so may be a problem, i dont know. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: And they don’t have it on their website. V dd is power and Vss is the ground connection.

If you have an impedence mismatch between units then it should sort that. The still wins in my book. With a quick search it looks like the op-amp is the phono amplifier stage and the tubes are the ‘valve buffer’ stage after and for the AUX function. I’ve found the OPA a little better in that regard.