Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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When trunking or chutes are used, they shall be kept clean and used in such a manner as to avoid segregation.

This shall be done carefully to avoid shattering or otherwise damaging the rest of the pile. Underwater concrete if deemed unavoidable, shall be placed in position by Tremie pipes from the mixer. Concrete benching shall be to a spwcification of 1: Vertical propping to formwork shall be carried down sufficiently far to provide the necessary support without overstressing the completed concrete structure.

Alternatively some sands which satisfy the overall limits but may not fall within any one of the additional limit C, M or F may also be used provided that the supplier can satisfy the S. The materials shall be spread and levelled by a crawler tractor weighing not less than 15 tonnes. O in verifying the conditions reported, and to modify the design, if necessary.

If the trench is more than 1. If traffic on any road or railway has to be interrupted for blasting operations, the Contractor shall obtain approval of his schedule for such interruption from the appropriate authorities and shall prove to the S. The check dam shall be constructed of rocks or logs which are secured against damage during significant floods.

Notice of test The Contractor shall give at least 24 hours notice of the commencement of the test. Tie holes shall be spaced so that they occur at overlap joints in the lining sheet. The Contractor shall identify all critical formwork design and submit the strength and deflection calculations and Drawings or the proposed design, certified by a Professional Engineer to the S. The photographs to be taken from different angles as approved by the S.


Materials of equivalent imperial dimension may only be used if the Contractor can satisfy the S.

Standard Specification for Road Works (JKR/SPJ/1988)

Vebe Classes Table D7C: Drilling operations shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements of sub-section 2. Each end plate shall be machine-finished and provided with a chamfer to accommodate the welding when two 2 lengths of pile speicfication jointed. Butt welds shall be of the double V type and two butt weld bond tests shall be carried out on a specimen prepared to represent each form of the butt welded joint used in welding the reinforcement and for each position of welding.

For passageways, stairways and landings, the illumination shall be not less than 50 lux. All wastewater must be treated such that its effluent meets the requirements of all existing legislation and regulations.

The inside surfaces of forms shall, unless otherwise approved by the S. The contractor shall undertake all necessary additional and consequential remedial works to the approval of the S. The internal face of the tremie pipe shall be from projections. During concreting they shall be free from internal projections and encrusted concrete which might jor the proper formation of the piles being cast.

The speecification layer of adhesive shall be applied using notched trowel to obtain an even distribution of adhesive to achieve joint thickness of 2 mm to 3 mm. They may be changed with the approval of the S. The calibration is material specific and shall be performed for each material type.

Piles which specificaton been displaced vertically by more than 3 mm as a result of driving adjacent piles shall be redriven to the required resistance.

For a pile cut off below ground level an increase in this tolerance of mm is permitted in accordance with sub-sections 2. The flashing and capping materials used shall be from the same material as the roofing sheets. Parapet And Freestanding Wall 3.

Standard Specification for Road Works: Section 9: Concrete (JKR/SPJ/S9-2008)

The details of the steel reinforcement shall be as shown on the Drawings. The stone blocks shall in general, have their largest faces parallel. A period of time shall elapse between the placing of the concrete and the removal of the formwork for various parts of the structure so as to suit the requirements for its curing. Joint lines shall be so arranged that they coincide with features of the finished work, wherever possible.


All test cubes should be stored under same conditions as the piles. The colour sequence and final coating colour shall be established prior to application of coatings.

Lintel And Stiffener 3. The Contractor shall repair any damages and reinstate the same to spevification original condition to the satisfaction of the S.

If such holes are unavoidable then they shall be completely grouted with cement mortar as specified in sub-section 6.

Standard Specification – Quantity Surveyor Online

The closed end of the sleeve shall be filled with 25 mm thick compressible foam fillers and the sleeve shall fit tightly over the length of the bar to be speciication. Street, Drainage and Building Act, This shall be done by using the procedures proposed by the Contractor for earthworks and shall demonstrate to the S. The concrete is deemed to come from a conforming population if the conformity in sub-section 4. The terms of the Guarantee shall be such as shall be approved by the S.

Delayed blasting to reduce shock waves shall be used to avoid damage to concrete and other works already completed. Where required by the S.

The glass wool insulation material used shall conform to BS for Fire tests on building materials and structures on the following: The trial excavation shall be carried out on a flat platform in order to develop the rated horsepower at maximum efficiency.