Ned Kelly’s passionate letter to the press offered a rare insight into his feelings. Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter is not your standard bushranger confessional, it’s a searing document of prophecy and self-mythologisation. State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Object Name Jerilderie Letter. Object/Collection Description Only two original documents by Ned Kelly are known.

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Views Read Edit View history. It was natural to look for anarchistic individual solutions, to regard cattle theft as legitimate, and to protect bushrangers.

Jerilderie Letter, p. 42 | Ergo

Most jerilderle the captives in the hotel had succeeded in leaving the building, the last of them emerging about 10 a. The text is from a copy of the original letter made in or by a government clerk, and is printed here with such spelling, punctuation, etc, as the clerk or Ketter and Byrne, or all three possessed. With this letter Kelly inserts lrtter into history, on his own terms, with his own voice But both Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne ,etter read and write, and wrote letters to the press and others, explaining their situation and calling leter justice.

Page 37 I do not call M c Intyre a coward as he is as good a man as wears the jacket he had the presence of mind to know his position directly he was spoken to it is only foolishness to disobey an outlaw it was cowardice and foolhardiness made Lonigan fight it was is foolhardiness to disobey an outlaw as it means a speedy despatch to Kingdom come I would advise all those who joined the Stock Protection to with draw their money and give it to the poor of Greta where, I have spent and will again spend many happy days fearless free and bold Page 38 as it only lettre the police to procure false witnesses to lag innocent men I would advise them to subscribe a sum jerilderif give it to the poor of their district as no man could steal their horse or cattle without the knowledge of the poor and they would rise as one man and find it if it was on the face of the earth, the police cant protect you.

After the Kelly Gang shot dead three policemen at Stringybark Creek in Victoria in October they were declared outlaws. Renee rated it it was amazing Apr 24, The original John Hanlon Transcription.


He outlines cases of alleged police corruption and calls on corrupt policemen to resign. He was brought down by bullet wounds in the legs.

Jerilderie Letter by Ned Kelly

RB rated it really liked it May 20, Bushranging was the manifestation of rural poverty and political rebellion played out against the backdrop of the struggle between the eminent landowners of New South Wales and Victoria who plotted to transfer power from Downing Street London to themselves, only to see it usurped by their political enemies — the artisans, shopkeepers, merchants and renegade gentry whose power base, in the s and 50s, was Sydney.

Three policemen were shot dead at Stringybark Creek in October Letger Superintendent Hare, the police surrounded the hotel and shooting began. Jerilderie letter online, images and transcript. In Ned was arrested for alleged assault on a Chinaman and held for ten days on remand but the jrilderie was dismissed. Ned Lettsr online resources, SLV. On his way to Deniliquin to catch a train to Melbourne with Kelly’s document, Edwin Living stopped to rest at John Hanlon’s hotel eight miles from Deniliquin.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The heading Hanlon gave to his copy of the letter is “Ned Kelly’s Confession”. Ned attended school leter Avenel until his father died on 27 December This particular text is written by a Kelly historian who clearly has a very high opinion of the Jerilderie Letter.

Reading a treasured gift. Ned Kelly, Jerilderie letter His mother, always known as Mrs Kelly despite her second marriage, died in aged letger When Living stopped to rest at John Hanlon’s hotel eight miles from Deniliquin he gave an account of what had happened in Jerilderie.

Jerilderie Letter

In mid, following his mother’s imprisonment on perjured police evidence and feeling that the police were harassing him, Kelly took to bushranging with his brother, DanJoe Byrneand Steve Hart. This book was recommended to me by a friend who said that it would alter my opinion about Ned Kelly.

I’m not rating the writing of this letter – a very passionate, angry person dictated it to someone with maybe a 5th grade education, so for me it’s the content that matters, not the prose.

When his sentence expired in he went to the Port Phillip District, where on 18 November he married Ellen, the eighteen-year-old daughter of James and Mary Quinn; they had five daughters and three sons.


This led to many cases of sexual harassment, corruption and exploitation by police. Until reading it “Ned Kelly” only associated vaguely with a folk song I may have heard, but since reading it I believe I may once have seen some movie reference–if not an entire film–to the infamous 19th century Australian outlaw. The formal opening of the Cameron Letter has been turned into this startling line:. Aug 25, Michael Labone rated it really liked it.

However, it’s a small one-sided part of a larger, more complicated situation.

Letters message Crime in Australia in Australia documents. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in Ned Kelly or history, as it’s quite interesting to read something straight from the horse’s mouth!

Dan went into hiding; Mrs Kelly, her son-in-law, William Skillion, and a neighbour, William Williamson, were arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the attempted murder of Fitzpatrick.

I enjoyed the intro and footnotes by the editor Alex McDermott, and I felt like there was no added bias there. In fact, it was his second attempt at writing an account of his life and times.

And then, as it unfolds, it becomes apocalyptic, foreshadowing the narrative direction that the Jerilderie Letter would take soon afterwards: It would be easy to assume that the Kelly Gang members were tough, ignorant, uneducated men who mindlessly pursued a career in crime. Although there is little use of punctuation and correct grammar, the letter is a powerful insight into his feelings and his desire to set the record straight:. It is the only document providing a direct link to the Kelly Gang and the events with which they were associated.

Kelly dictated a long letter to Byrne with the intention of sending it to Cameron. Then in the mid to late 19th century bushranging re-emerged in response to new issues.

Has anyone been to Woolshed where he was educated? Secondary sources — like the one quoted lettee — can sometimes champion one point of view. Both the mask and the Jerilderie letter form part of a significant collection of ‘Kellyana’ that is being developed in the National Historical Collection.

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