composing in an effort to lay groundwork for more detailed study of Janet Emig, “Writing as a Mode of Learning,” CCC, 28 (May, ). Emig, Janet. “Writing as a Mode of Learning.” CCC (May ) Emig, in this early article that articulates the importance of a. Emig thus points out the multiple reasons as to why writing is definitely a mode of learning. She uses a great deal of evidence from Vygotzky to.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It helps writers to stick to their main goals. She points out that writing is unique compared to the other three modes of communication because it encompasses both original creation and graphic evidence Emig 8while the other three skills rely heavily on origin or graphic representation, not both.

Of course now I realize that my dad was right, and that had I not learned other ways of studying, I would not be in a graduate program never mind in this class… can you imagine re-writing all these readings!?!?!?!?

Writing as a mode of learning by Janet Emig: This helps us better to synthesize information. I used to read my Social Study, Biology, or Literature books, synthesize, analyze, create diagrams, and in the process I s managed to re-write 3 pages of emif into a page product.

M on Book Review. I thought I had finally found proof of what my parents thought was a very poor way of studying when I was in high school. I found the solution in the loud outlining of the goals. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. She starts out by using chemo-physiological definition of learning and then honing in on a more philosophical definition by John Dewey and Jean Piaget.


Writing as a Mode of Learning

My only question has to do with the list on page nine, number five: Besides everyone has varying background knowledge, and developing of rhetoric problem also differs from person to person.

According to Jerome Brunner and Jean Piaget, people learn in three ways: Besides that in my opinion, it is really important to consolidate the knowledge. She makes distinctions between writing and all other verbal language processes, writing and other forms of composing, and finally composition of writing in the two other major graphic symbol systems including mathematical equations and scientific formulas. This site uses cookies. The next part of the paper in my opinion was the most interesting.

Furthermore, Emig offers a nice list of differences between writing and talking. In this article Emig tries to show how writing serves as a unique way of learning. I became particularly drawn by the idea that writing supports learning simply because of the fact that it reinforces its cycle through the use of the hand, the eyes, and the brainwhich is a very complex and intertwine process. This article also does a great job of adding philosophical insight on the benefits of writing and learning.

My dad thought I was nuts! Although she focuses mainly on writing and og, she also touches on a few other topics in less detail.

Writing as a mode of Learning | ENGL Spring

She uses a great deal of evidence from Vygotzky to Piaget, to Gardner, she utilizes mkde well known theories not only into the physiological process of the brain when people write and learn but also in production of learning through writing. She makes several distinctions between these modes; for mkde, talking and listening are skills learned informally while reading and writing are skills learned formally 8.

Therefore, writing as a creation, also facilitates the genesis of relations that meet our human needs. She feels that they serve separate and distinct functions and that many people do not realize this.


Writinf then makes the distinction between creating and originating in terms of talk, writing, reading and listening. Much of their burden of learning academic writing as a separate course can be lessen down. I wonder how man composition instructions and students think of writing that way. The intelligences like naturalistic, musical, logical are translated on papers in the writing process.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Writing process is a set of individual thinking, and it is a goal directed thinking process that is set by writers. Janet Emig idea that writing supports learning simply because of the fact that it reinforces its cycle through the use of the hand, the eyes, and the brain is true. In the next section of her paper she defines the many differences between writing and talking.

I found the comparison between the learning strategies and attributes of writing process is actually interesting.

Good response and question, Charity.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Your email address will not be published. I think all the four elements work together in the writing process. A Tool of Emif Flower and Hayes discussion of the cognitive process theory emphasizes the four key elements.

Writing as a Mode of Learning | Ethereal Education

These similar strategies of learning and writing can be used to teach study skills to undergraduates. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Before I read the article I thought it was going to show me a more scientific side to why writing promotes learning.