INDICE DE SAPONIFICACION INTRODUCCION. La saponificación es el proceso que convierte lagrasa o el aceite, en jabón limpiador. Estatransformación. Con respecto al índice de saponificación del aceite de Macadamia integrifolia, éste fue cercano al establecido por el Codex STAN () para. índice de saponificación: método Cd Ácidos grasos libres: método Ca Valor del ácido o índice de acidez: método Cd Carotenoides: método Cd.

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Tue Dec 12, 5: Can any one help me on triglyceride analysis using gc fid? I am using restek invice column. Is the triglyceride standard decompose quickly?

Peaks are not appearing sharply. Consumer Products Guy Posts: Mon Aug 30, Sure, I’ve assayed intact triglycerides in consumer products, at maybe 0. I used a specialty high-temperature capillary, a stainless steel capillary, from Restek, and high temperatures. Do we need to use programmable injector port for that?

Is Shimadzu gc model used to programme injector port?


Wed Dec 22, T24 to T32 triglyceride are appearing very sharply in gc. But T34 to T54 is not appearing properly. Before each injection I have melt the std as its solidify in room temperature. Thu May 18, 2: I have been following this thread with interest due to my background in this analysis, which is very similar to that of Consumer products guy.

No CPG also made some pertinent comments about the complexity of ssponificacion positional isomers Perhaps if you could explain exactly with more details of the sample, your aim in the analysis, your equipment, conditions and post an example chromatogram? Please reassure me that you are not trying to inject a neat triglyceride. Ralph has made some good points.

INDICE DE SAPONIFICACION by jazmin garcia lopez on Prezi

In addition to taking the column to C or more, we also made the inlet C or more. And we always dissolved the triglycerides in solvent too. Note that I worked with consumer products, and sometimes candles contain triglycerides or hydrogenated triglycerides. We purchased triglycerides and split them into fatty acids for soap making, so most often we indicr fatty acid distribution as the FA methyl esters.

I am using anhydrous butter fat standard. I want to find milk purity using triglycerides; according to ISO Inndice. Low molar mass triglyceride appearing but high molar mass triglyceride are not eluting properly.

Saponificacion pdf unam | vbxvqte | Scoo

I hope to increase the flow rate to elute higher triglycerides. Thank you very much for helping me. Fri Oct 22, saponificacio It’s true that the TAGs will be a mixture of isomers, but that’s not really the reason for the poor peak shape.


We were analyzing synthetic TAGs which were regiochemically pure i. We were able saponlficacion improve on the peak shape a bit compared to the published chromatograms for cocoa butter TAGs, but eventually gave up and switched to non-aqueous reversed-phase HPLC for analysis. We weren’t able to evaluate cold on-column injection, but from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t improve peak shape much.

Tue Dec 12, 4: Now triglyceride peak pattern is coming.

I changed the column. Agilent 5 ht column. Can we guess the adulteration using the pattern of milk triglyceride? Fri Sep 28, 7: Si estas buscando una adulteracion te aconsejo primero aplicar indice de acidez para ver cuantos acidos grasos libres hay y despues indice de saponificacion para calcular cuantos mono, di y trigliceridos hay. Si tienes una composicion esperada de tu muestra puedes indicr el indice saponififacion saponificacion teorica y la comparas con el indice de saponificacion que hallaste en el laboratorio.

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