In Search of Respect, Philippe Bourgois’s now-classic, ethnographic study of social marginalization in inner-city America, won critical acclaim after it was first. Review. Reviewed Work(s): In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois. Review by: David Nugent. Source: American. Philippe Bourgois’s ethnographic study of social marginalization in inner-city America, won critical acclaim when it was first published in For the first time .

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And when presented with philpipe choice of having money to feed the family and pay the rent through illicit sources versus working a dead-end job that garners no respect or prospects of upward mobility, the choice to make is very clear.

Sep 24, Nicola rated it really liked it Shelves: Bourgois is not only incredibly brave, but he has deep compassion and commitment to making a difference in a world rrspect increasingly doesn’t care for those with no voices and who are disconnected from the mainstream culture, polity and economy.

Anthropologist Philippe Bourgois spent several years studying the crack trade in his East Harlem community The author is an anthropologist who spent five years in the late s and early s living and working among drug dealers and crack addicts in New York City’s Spanish Harlem.

Mixed Methods Social Networks Research: Bourgois’ main point in this effort is to piece together a social-economic and political-historic framework in which his subjects operated, calling into focus the phikippe aspects of their lives to argue that such forces are primarily to account for their situation of violence, abuse, neglect and constant poverty.

Reepect incredible ethnography about life in the Puerto Rican slums in Aearch York. For instance, one man who had already been established as a criminal figure, and who admitted to looking disheveled in a particular situation od acting in a suspicious manner was treated in a “racist” way by a woman who ran away from him in fear.

However, lack of viable solutions notwithstanding, the fields of sociology and anthropology will be bourgoiss to Bourgois in terms of both technique and content for years to come. The authors manner of representation doesn’t come off as preachy of any perspective and just presents the information as is for the reader to absorb. Bourgois aims to humanise the residents and drug dealers, not wanting to sanitise or condemn their actions, but instead show that they are Americans wanting to fulfil the American Dream just as much as they are Puerto Ricans wanting to be respected by the people around them and society.

Throughout the book, Phillip Bourgois interviews drug dealers in East Harlem.

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio

Return to Book Page. Now that he has invasively probed the personal lives of these people and this community, what do you do with that information?


During the days and some night, he hung out with heroin dealers who sold and rrspect their drugs in the back of an arcade. All in all, in search of respect also provided me with a touching story of life in the poorest pockets of New York and how hard it is for ethn I read this book as part of my anthropology course and found it really interesting!

The behavior of the poor drug use, violence, rape, misogyny is the result of structural weaknesses and flaws created by America’s class- and ethnic-apartheid.

Nonetheless, Bourgois’ over-reliance on strong structural critique and his self-confessed difficulties in engaging some of the excesses of his informants gang rape, familial violence from an agent-centric perspective leaves room for improvement.

Dec 27, Rae rated it liked it. Families and Children in Pain.

Other editions – View all In Search of Respect: I appreciated his bourgosi at the overall societal problems that encompass the individuals in these situations, but there were times when I felt like he backed too far off of his subjects in order to try and fit situations within his thesis.

I could go on, but it is actually very hard for me to pin down this book in a review, but I certainly recommend this book to people who are interested in the truth.

For the first time, an anthropologist had managed to gain the trust respext long-term friendship of street-level drug dealers in one of the roughest ghetto neighborhoods in the United States – East Harlem. Worth your reading time and your questions.

He consciously tried to reject it when dealing with Puerto Rican-American women, but when it came to the white women discussed, he parroted the views of his subjects, calling them racist for reacting in self-protective ways when left alone with someone who has already been shown to be a criminal, and treating his discussion of successful business women with the same disdain as his subjects do. The result is that his conclusions on the complexities of poverty in the inner-city feel more authentic.

Bourgois aims to humanise the residents and drug dealers, not wanti In Search of Respect is a really great etnography on Puerto Rican drug dealers in East Harlem during the s.

But rape – and the gender ideology that shape its existence and justification within the context of poverty – cannot be ignored. They mention the struggles they go to in order to survive. This is of course, a very traditional progressive argument, but Bourgois does not fail to empower his subjects with their own sense of responsibility for the situation they are in. Jan 23, Possum Paderau rated it really liked it. The Best Books of To ask other readers questions about In Search of Respectplease sign up.


While at times I had to put the book down because my stomach and my mind couldn’t be complicit in this seeming misuse of privilege, who am I to determine if someone can or can not consent to such a detailed published account of their liv This book chronicles Bourgois’ public infiltration of the crack dealer social scene in East Harlem, New York City.

Nothing has been held back, and we experience through these people how drugs have ruined lives and the harsh realities of the barrio, including rape and as An incredible ethnography about life in the Puerto Rican slums in New York. However, the amount of quoted material does mean that the reader becomes quite invested in the fates of the book’s “cast of characters”. Bourgois’ most famous book is an insightful if all over the place ethnography that details the lives of several crack dealers in East Harlem at the height of the Crack epidemic.

This is the gold standard, the study by which all other works on poverty must be compared. I read a Roger Ebert film review once that noted how difficult it is to create a truly antiwar film, because war is so inherently dramatic that, without the actual danger, it inevitably appears adventurous.

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois

Cocaine is much easier to transport clandestinely because it takes up only a fraction of the physical space occupied by the equivalent dollar value of marijuana. This very book is far from being just an ethnography. Bourgois’ book is searh good read and an important piece of scholarship, and a must read for fans of modern ethnography. It was really useful in putting into perspective the challenges of ethnography, ethical, practical, intellectual and so on, and it was a really good respsct of what the complete, clear, humane, and enlightening kind of ethnography new anthropologist should aspire to write.

His discussion of gender and power in the chapter on gang rape is powerful, and does an incredible job of highlighting the number of interacting hierarchies of power that East Harlem residents have to navigate. Apart from having a highly nuanced theorising, this is perhaps one of the books that elicited so much emotions in me – a testament to the good writing that Bourgois had rendered his ethnography.