How to Convert Text from InPage Urdu to Microsoft Word | : Convert Inpage Urdu Text File to Ms Word 2 by Jack oliver How to export URDU TEXT . With the help of Pak Urdu Installer, you can type Urdu anywhere on computer and internet, but if you have some old Inpage Urdu documents, convert those old . Double click the *.ps file and it will open in Acrobat reader. Save it as pdf file. 2. ” InPage” files: If the Urdu is written in InPage, there are several methods, which.

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Convert Inpage Urdu (INP) File to PDF Format Free Online – Grace of IT

There are various tools available online. You can use these tools to convert webpages to pdf. Expert PDF is one of best tools I have found online. I am a student and usually I took photos of my lectures instead of copying them and I always use Free Online Text Extract to covert the text in an image into a convfrt.


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Converting an inpage file into pdf format depends upon the software you are using. I am giving you a website where you can get the detailed information on how to convert it into pdf.

If the Urdu file is written in ParsNager, then the method is simple. By clicking the “convert to Acrobat PDF” button. Print the file using “Print to file” option. Save it as pdf file. If the Urdu is written in InPage, there are several methods, which may or may not give a satisfactory result, depending vile the fonts being used. Use print to file option using a Post Script Printer. It will open in Acrobat reader.

In Windows Explorer double click the file. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat. The above two methods may fail to embed all type of fonts. It is particularly true, if Urdu is written in Nastaliq fonts.

How Can I Can Convert An Inpage File To Pdf File?

Nastaliq fonts are in-built ligatures comprising some 86 font-files of all sorts of letter combinations. The PDF file obtained by using one of the above methods, should be carefully checked to see if all words are correctly written and if all fonts are properly embedded.


In such cases another approach is to be taken. For this method, one needs to have in addition to Adobe Acrobat also Adobe Illustrator 9 or The process goes like this: Double click the file in Window Explorer and it will open in Illustrator 9 or 10 whatever you have.

Then you can save it as Illustrator file or pdf file. The files thus formed are very heavy; each page may take even more than one MB.

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