The Hitzinger Hz Ground Power Units (GPU’s) and Ground support equipment, are amongst the most cost effective and environmental friendly units in the. Hitzinger manufactures power supply systems for airport equipment, Hitzinger has provided reliable and well-designed ground power units for a large number. At GSE Suppliers we aim to provide the most updated web site, worldwide, regarding GSE Equipment. Our web site is specially designed to assist to find all .

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Renowned as the leading one stop shop event for the entire airport industry, inter airport Europe is the …. Centralized Rotary Frequency Converters Hitzinger have proven solutions for fixed rotary Hz systems with outputs up to kVA with all the necessary features including: Simplified user operation The touchpanel of the control station offers intuitive user navigation. Moving forward, Hitzinger aims to increase turnover over the next five years, with growth expected especially within its UPS systems product range.

Airport Suppliers – Hitzinger GmbH – Hz Ground Power Supplies

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy hpu it. This unit presents a new standard of ground power generation for aircraft during the flight preparation phase. Skip to main content. The four-point access ensures ease of servicing throughout the entire unit and reduces maintenance times, coupled with the user friendly interface and touch screen display, explains why our Hz GPU’s are market leaders.

Robustness and longevity, the lowest fuel consumption, jet fuel compatibility, air transport suitability with optimum dimensions and the lowest weight, a low sound level and an innovative EMC concept. With nearly 70 years of experience in tailored power supplies, Hitzinger is a market leader in the provision of alternators, gensets, converters, UPS systems and aircraft ground power supplies. Enhanced efficiency and the reduction in total cost of ownership TCO combined with improved environmental- and user-friendliness make the JET POWER one of the most innovative ground power units able to meet increased requirements in the long term.


Remote Operation monitoring Trailer mounting View Website. As a customer-orientated organisation with a firm belief that innovative concepts and designs are at the core of all company developments, Hitzinger focuses on finding bespoke solutions that are specific to the challenges of its customers.

D POWER Ground Power Units GPU and FEGP

Alternators, gensets, converters, UPS systems and aircraft ground power supplies Sites: Technical data Versions Multiple versions of the Hitzinger D-Power are available, including; standard towed versions, self-propelled versions and tractor mounted versions. This is reflected in the appealing design and ergonomically arranged control panels.

With over employers, Hitzinger manufactures the vast majority of its components in-house in Linz, Austria which is also a main reason for the high quality standards of the product. Enhanced efficiency and the reduction in hifzinger cost of ownership TCOcombined with improved environmental- and user-friendliness, make the D POWER one of the most innovative ground power units able to meet increased requirements in the long term.

Decentralized Rotary Frequency Converters: Founded in by Walter Hitzinger and Hans Schaeke with the goal of specialising in the gpi of rotary alternators for the re-building of train networks during the World War II, Hitzinger GmbH has since extended its product range to include other sectors of rotary equipment hitzingef as rotary diesel UPS, diesel gensets, frequency converters and airport ground power. A 90 kVA cable coil with one output and a kVA cable coil with two outputs in one canopy are available.

This in turn leads to lower maintenance costs with extremely low noise emissions. Based in Linz, Austria, where approximately employees work across three production plants and five production lines, the company strives to deliver innovations through the continuous further development of its core competencies. Skip to main content. The little sister of the D Power is Jet Power; offering the same benefits of D Power, the Jet Power is also focused on achieving the lowest fuel consumption and sound level and achieves impressive compactness through an appealing design and ergonomically arranged control panels.


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Increased efficiency Thanks to the high efficiency of the alternator, independent of the load curve, aircraft can be supplied as economically as possible even under partial load. Technical highlights Hitzinger’s design philosophy ensures that our Hz Ground Power Units for airport ground power systems are characterised by their lowest total cost of ownership, increased operational efficiency and low maintenance design. In addition to alternators and GPUs, the company also creates UPS systems for data centres or industrial companies that need emergency power in case of a failure in power supply.

Optimised economy With the engine speed lowered to 2, rpm and when used in conjunction with an extremely efficient Hz alternator, the JET POWER generation manages to achieve greater economy, particularly as a result of reduced fuel consumption. These strengths have not gone unnoticed in the market, with Hitzinger gaining contracts with major blue chip organisations such as the British Navy, as Werner highlights: Hitzinger GmbH Factory Address: Hitzinger have proven solutions for fixed rotary Hz systems with outputs up to kVA with all the necessary features including:.

Our power range of Hz Ground Power units for airports is between kVA, with our latest generation of Jet Power units also available.

In the development of these special units, we are able to build on our many years of experience in this sector.