U.S. Army FM The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills · Introduction · Warrior Ethos Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skill Level Buy Field Manual FM (FM ) The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Soldier Training Publication STP SMCT Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks : Sure you can learn about combat tactics, but the survival and medical skills. As suggested by a reader. Of course, things might all just end happily ever after. Bets?.

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That may make it easy for the enemy to spot you. The distance between you and your fellow soldier will vary with the terrain, degree of visibility, and enemy situation. Do not use squelch when signals are weak or in siills unfavorable for good reception. When the route to your next position is through an open area, rush by zigzagging.

It adds to soldie, magnifies troubles, and causes you to imagine things which really do not exist. What you are going to do. In other words, how do you read hear me?

For water drainage, slope the floor of the hole toward the grenade sumps. Physical fitness includes a healthy body, me capacity for skill- ful and sustained performance, the ability to recover from exertion rapidly, the desire to complete a designated task, and the confidence to face any eventuality.

Do not, however, sleep when on duty. Put the mine in the hole. Panel markers are a series of cloth panels that you spread on the ground to communicate with aircraft. The enemy may use the shadows of trees or buildings to hide himself and his equipment.


If DS2 is not available, wash ammunition in cool, soapy water, then dry it thoroughly. Build positions on the side of a hill, away from road junctions or lone buildings, and in covered and concealed places. Use a latrine or “cat-hole.

Ground that slopes upward makes them look longer than meters, and ground that slopes downward makes them look shorter than meters. For example, visual signals can be easily misunderstood. Also, you can observe and fire to the rront when not being fired at, and move back behind the frontal cover when under heavy fire.

Mine bounds into air and explodes at height of 0. Wash equipment in hot, soapy water and let it air dry. It is usually easier tor the enemy to detect soldiers when they are bunched. Natural camouflage will often die, fade, or otherwise lose its effectiveness. Socks should be changed daily. Exposed skin reflects light and may draw the enemy’s attention.

FM Chptr 7 Communications

Evasion, Escape Chpt 8: Dig the trenches zigzagged so that the enemy will not be able to fire down a long section if he gets into the trench, and so that shrapnel from shell cokmon will lose some of its effectiveness. Screw the fuze assembly into the fuze well with the fuze wrench. Tie anchor string, rope, or wire to the revetting material and stake them down.


FROM The originator of this massage is indicated by the address designator immediately following. Therefore, adjust your mind to accept conditions as they are. Assure him that he will be taken care of. Before you stop the bleeding, you must find all wounds.

Personal hygiene is the steps you take to protect your own health and that of others. The forward stakes are usea to hold tne rifle barrel. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. REST Your body needs regular periods of rest to restore physical and mental vigor. When you talk over wire lines, your voice travels through the wire lines from one tele- phone to another and is generally not sent through the air.

Therefore, control your fear and use it to your advantage. Dig the hole in tne shape of an in- verted T. The enemy may use a mixture of agents to cause confusion and casualties.

FM 21-75: Combat Skills Of The Soldier

Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In combat, you need protection from enemy direct and mdirect fire. Decontaminate communication equipment by airing, weathering, or hot air if available. The field first-aid dressing already has bandages attached to it.