You can use the timer programmed to command various devices without having to be present at any time. Pmanual. K. EMOS spol. s r. o.. TS-ED1. DIGITAL SWITCHING. Within approximately 2 hours the display is on and TS-EF1 is fully. small V AC weekly digital programming timer. Model Number: TS-ED1. Theory: Digital. Type: Mini. Advantage. quality. ble price. 3.

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It spreads itself over an irritated and angry surface, reliev. Whenever the mercury Ems the thermom eter falls as low as 34 degrees the plants should be covered immediately.

So, generally speaking, there Is much to be gained by nn early start.

The psychology of colors in your house Colors can affect the mood and personality of every person. Please be advised that any discussion of U. In nluo weeks ducklings should weigh four and a half pounds each and are ready for market.


Morse In Rural New Yorker. You’ve got to listen to me, you’ve got to tell ine what you meant by Uliigln’ tbeui crabapple blossoms In iny face twelve years ago.

The Securities are riskier than ordinary unsecured debt securities and have no principal. Projection clock PCR Code: Betty didn’t mind work.

small 220-240V AC weekly digital programming timer

The natives slit the sides of living female iguanas and take from them strings of eggs as large as plums. Ely’s Cream Balm is such a remedy and will cure catarrh ui cold in the head easily and pleasantly. Of the beets, sufficient were grown to set feet of drill and onion plants enough to set 30 by 40 feet of space. I was asklu’ about you. Even as matters stand, some of the brighter of them have been seen after sunrise by explorers on high mountains, where the air is very clotir and the sky dark blmv 11 we could go above the atmos phere the sky would appear perfectly black, and stars would IK; visible right close up to the sun.


Investors can trade on an exchange at market price or receive a cash payment at the scheduled. A trial size will be mailed for 10 cents. It never occurred to the Arcadians— for their hearts are kind—that they made a pincushion of Betty and that the pins they eternally stuck into her, little pricks really meant for pleasant ries, were to a soft eyed, tender, sensi tive, brown little thing like Betty ac tual stabs.

General Sheridan pushed on at once without orders, got to the place fifteen minutes before the enemy and captured the supplies.

Tbo flesh of the Iguana, a species of land lizard, Is regarded as a delicacy and Is said to resemble chicken. I made an appointment by letter and on a cer tain day and hour was ushered Into his office, and we had no sooner shaken hands than he turned emps the attendant and said: The north half of the ridge should remain undisturbed so as to shelter the young plants on the south side, and In case the nights are very cold or there Is real danger from an un expected frost the plants can be ts-wd1 and quickly covered with large sheets of dully or weekly newspapers and the plants thus be effectually protected.

A raw egg Is broken upon a slice of toast, and a boef broth is poured over It A break fast often consists of several courses— for instance, fruit, poached eggs, wltli stewed tomatoes and rice; fish, chops fried in eggs and herbs and a tortilla, con seso, brain omelet, sweet potatoes or other vegetable and coffee.


Of the cabbage and cauliflower plants were planted out and the rest sold for 80 cents. Not only every maa and woman expects this, but all the little children toddle up to you, shake hands and exact the same amount of ceremony.

Especially memorable was his description of the Alps, “Who is this?

Indexes are unmanaged and one cannot invest directly in an index. Betty was never to be a pincushion again.

An’ a good lookln’ woinuJs too! The dining tables of the rich are spread with fine linen and set with handsome cut glass and china.

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The Balm cures without pain, does not irritate or cause sneezing. A common dish emls the poor is a stew called sin eoche. Onions, for Instance, for best re sults should have gone In four to six weeks earlier than April 1, as also let tuce and early cabbage.

With the hotbed must also be emoos a cold frame of the same size. Radio controlled alarm clock Code: I The Alps bad already set fire to the imagination of the man who was to describe them as they never have beeu described by another man. Then every well regulated French family has a dog that more than likely occupies a chair and eats off a plate beside you at the table, so that it is considered churlish if you do not also stop and tell the dog “boa Jour” and “au revoir” a dozen timet s day, pausing to take the paw which he is prettily taught to extend to you.