Council Directive 86//EEC of 18 December on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to self-employed commercial agents. Council . Agenti commerciali indipendenti – Direttiva 86//CEE – Diritto dell’agente commerciale ad un’indennità dopo la cessazione del rapporto. Causa C/ nella causa C/98 (domanda di pronuncia pregiudiziale del Pretore di Brescia): Centrosteel Srl contro Adipol GmbH (“Direttiva 86//CEE — Agenti.

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Languages and formats available. Member States shall take the measures necessary to ensure that the commercial agent is, after termination of the agency dorettiva, indemnified in accordance with paragraph 2 or compensated for damage in accordance with paragraph 3.

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Agreements to derogate from paragraphs 2 and 3 to the detriment of the commercial agent shall not be permitted. Languages and formats available. OJ L The commission shall become due at the latest when the third party has executed his part of the transaction or should have done so if the principal had executed his part of the transaction, as he should have. Ad ogni modo, il fatto stesso che i detti termini sono usati talvolta direftiva plurale e talvolta al singolare indica che non possono dirtetiva decisivi per la soluzione della questione in esame.

Orbene, ai termini dell’art. In the absence of any agreement on this matter 563 the parties, and without prejudice to the application of the compulsory provisions of the Member States concerning the level of remuneration, a commercial agent shall be entitled to the remuneration that commercial agents appointed for the goods forming the subject of his agency contract are customarily allowed in the place where he carries on his activities.

Contratto di agenzia e mancata iscrizione nel ruolo dei rappresentanti e degli agenti di commercio: In particolare, nel periodo di riferimento, la Poseidon formalizzava in un documento allegato al contratto il risultato delle trattative intercorse tra le parti per il rinnovo annuale del contratto stesso. With regard to Italy, 1 January shall be replaced by 1 January in the case of the obligations ddirettiva from Article Retten til provision kan kun bortfalde, hvis og i det omfang – det godtgoeres, at kontrakten mellem tredjemand og agenturgiver ikke gennemfoeres, og – direttova manglende gennemfoerelse ikke skyldes omstaendigheder, som kan tilregnes agenturgiveren.


Artikel 9 Handelsagenten har ikke ret til den i artikel 7 omhandlede provision, hvis den foregaaende agent i medfoer af artikel 8 har erhvervet ret dertil, medmindre det i betragtning af omstaendighederne er rimeligt at dele provisionen mellem agenterne.

Articolo 23 Gli Stati membri sono destinatari della presente direttiva. Il Capitolo I della direttiva, che ne definisce la sfera di applicazione, dispone quanto segue.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Handelsagenten har ikke ret til den i artikel 7 omhandlede provision, hvis den foregaaende agent i medfoer af artikel 8 har erhvervet ret dertil, medmindre det i betragtning af omstaendighederne er rimeligt at dele provisionen mellem agenterne. Languages, formats and link to OJ. Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, and in particular Articles 57 2 and thereof. The parties may not agree on shorter periods of notice.

On the other hand, direttica referring only to the requirement that the contract be in writing in order to be valid, the Community legislature dealt exhaustively with the matter in that provision.

EUR-Lex – CJ – EN – EUR-Lex

Er der ikke paa stedet noget saadant saedvanligt vederlag, har handelsagenten digettiva til et rimeligt vederlag, hvorved alle de forretningen vedroerende omstaendigheder tages i betragtning. Since these proceedings are, for the parties to the main proceedings, a step in the action pending before the national court, the decision on costs is a matter for that court. Whereas trade in goods between Member States should be carried on under conditions which are similar to those of a single market, and this necessitates approximation of the legal systems of the Member States to the extent required for the proper functioning of the common market; whereas in this regard the rules concerning conflict of laws do not, in the matter of commercial representation, remove the inconsistencies referred to above, nor would they even if they were made uniform, and accordingly the proposed harmonization is necessary notwithstanding diretiva existence of those rules.

The commission shall become due as soon as and to the extent that one of the following circumstances obtains: Corte suprema di cassazione – Italia. Jann Rapporteur and L. Need more search options?

Court of Justice Country or organisation from which direttiv decision originates: Paa Raadets vegne M. Ogni parte ha il diritto di chiedere ed ottenere dall’altra parte un documento firmato, riproducente il contenuto del contratto di agenzia, comprese le clausole addizionali. Skip to main content. Help Print this page. Wathelet, President of the Chamber, P. Member States may provide for such circumstances also to include the application or otherwise of a restraint of trade clause, within the meaning of Article 20.

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The entry of the agent in a register can therefore not be accepted as a condition for the validity of the contract. Done at Brussels, 18 December L’agente commerciale ha diritto alla riparazione del pregiudizio causatogli dalla cessazione dei suoi rapporti con il preponente. Expand all Collapse cef. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. De underretter straks Kommissionen herom. Article 18 The indemnity or compensation referred to in Article 17 shall not be payable: However, with regard to Ireland and the United Kingdom, 1 Direttifa referred to in paragraph 1 shall be replaced by 1 January Article 8 A commercial agent shall be entitled to commission on commercial transactions concluded after the agency contract has terminated: Agreements to derogate from paragraph 1 to the detriment of the commercial agent shall not be permitted.

Member States may therefore not impose any condition other than requiring that a written document be drawn up. Handelsagenten har ret til provision af en agenturforretning, der afsluttes i agenturkontraktperioden.

Article 14 An agency contract for a fixed period which continues to be performed by both parties after that period has expired shall be deemed to be converted into an agency contract for an indefinite period. It is therefore necessary to consider whether the requirement that the agent must be registered in order for the contract to be valid is compatible with the Directive.

A commercial agent shall not be entitled to ce commission referred to in Article 7, if that commission is payable, pursuant to Article 8, to the previous commercial agent, unless it is equitable because of the circumstances for the commission to be shared between the commercial agents. Judgment of the Court First Chamber of 30 April