O Cronovisor do Padre Ernetti. 2 likes. Book. Sign up for Facebook to get started. Sign Up. It’s free and anyone can join. Already a member? Log in. This Page. or to do such ‘reading’ in the problematic so-called ‘regressions’ since recently is first wrote about a Padre (Father) Pellegrino ERNETTI upon whose initiative an there was silence about the chronovisor until ERNETTI delivered a lecture. Cronovisor do Padre Ernetti: a Criação e o Desaparecimento da at AbeBooks. – ISBN – ISBN – Pensamento.

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Scientists show that the jump time is not possible.

Krassa fails to provide us with any real reason why we should accept this serial as truth. Others have tried to find the operating principle of a vehicle to move on the timeline.

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Father Ernetti’s Chronovisor is a highly recommended biographical study for students of metaphysics, religion, and science. This new material, though it fitted perfectly Ennius’s play, caused great controversy within the church, as of course did Father Ernetti’s claimed visions of the life of Christ. One of the most accurate and consistent descriptions ofscientifically such a mechanism was offered in by astrophysicist Gregory Benford, in his novel Timescape, which described a system to send messages in the past using tachyons,hypothetical particles with greater speed than that of light.

At this time, the chronovisor is in Vatican, one of the most closely guardedsecrets. Beldo, Dream Network, Vol. Views Read Edit View history. Think of water, it gives life, but cronovizor military and politicians allow it to be used in “water-boarding” “suspects” You are visiting our website: Again, however, Krassa fails to convince, and the support for his story consists of leaps in logic and exercises in hypothesis.


It is the chronovisor that Ernetti padr invented, the deviceworked and managed to photograph Jesus and Napoleon at the time when they were alive. As provided by an anonymous relative of Father Ernetti, there was a deathbed confession, included in the U. Katherine Eldred of Princeton University is the author of an English rendition of the text which is included as an appendix to the U. The monk really invented something, but the Catholic Church does not say what.

In this section, Krassa gives detailed summaries of many key figures in the paranormal movement. Besides the fascinating work of Father Ernetti, Krassa includes intriguing study of other time and space manipulators, from Madame Blavatsky to Thomas Edison.

Book ITC – A Chronovision

The idea of such an apparatus is found in a somewhat different form in a MTI of SARI, wherein TESLA says that cosmovision will only be made accessible to mankind when it will have reached the necessary level of maturity; see also F Now, it’s being accused of hiding a time machine.

At any rate, we may without difficulty understand the development ITC has seen up to now as a path to cosmovision, since all its essential elements are already realized in the phenomenology, mostly individual elements at a time, in rather rare cases in form of combinations.

There are now no excuses for being a pre-industrial writer any more.

After his death the chronovisor was nowhere to ermetti found, leading his critics to proclaim this otherwise distinguished scientist-priest a fraud. Inwith publisher Albin Michel S.


We have said already that the volume of power is unimportant in it. Brune, however, does not believe Ernetti’s “confession” and is convinced that the authorities had coerced Ernetti into making a false confession.


They say he told them of his fabulous machine; no testimony is given from anyone who actually saw erhetti. However, those willing to take the necessary pains to get hold of a copy are sure to be rewarded. Author Peter Krassa uses this magic to produce a book which is simultaneously exciting and disappointing.

It is a first-rate, challenging mystery-thriller, not fiction but – whatever the true explanation behind it all is – the “real thing! Father Ernetti said he had traveled to Rome in B. Above all, however, this book is an intriguing account of one man’s attempts to understand the secrets of the universe and his own place within it. The text of the play [Thyestes] is translated here, and there is genuine wonder why such an otherwise accomplished individual as Father Ernetti would have fabricated such a bizarre fantasy or crpnovisor.

Grandfather paradox Causal loop.

The Vatican Chronovisor – the device that takes pictures from the past

Like to look in the future? Fr Ernetti went very quiet in the last decade of his life by choice or force? The collector can be set to a desired location, a date and even a certain person.