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Rapid detection of bacteria responsible for foodborne diseases is a growing necessity for public health.

Reporter bacteriophages 4028 are robust biorecognition elements uniquely suited for the rapid and sensitive detection of bacterial species. The advantages of phages include their host specificity, ability to distinguish viable and non-viable cells, low cost, and ease of genetic engineering.

Upon infection with reporter phages, target bacteria express reporter enzymes encoded within the phage genome. In this study, the T7 coliphage was genetically engineered to express the newly developed luceriferase, NanoLuc NLucas an indicator of bacterial contamination.


While several genetic approaches were employed to optimize reporter enzyme expression, the novel achievement of this work was the successful fusion of the NanoLuc reporter to a carbohydrate binding module CBM cbmm specificity to crystalline cellulose.

This novel chimeric reporter nluc:: We have shown the possibility of detecting the immobilized fusion protein in a filter plate which resulted from a single CFU of E. Therefore, we conclude that our phage-based detection assay displays significant aptitude as a proof-of-concept drinking water diagnostic assay for the low-cost, rapid and sensitive detection of E.

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