Bombshell has ratings and reviews. Kat said: Catherine Coulter always writes a well-paced crime thriller. This book, like others in the series. In bestseller Coulter’s captivating 17th FBI novel (after ‘s Backfire), FBI agent Griffin Hammersmith learns on his way to a new assignment. The number 1 New York Times–bestselling author is back with an electrifying new entry in the FBI series featuring Savich and Sherlock. FBI.

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And the main suspect is the visiting professor at the college. Characters involve egotistical, weird music professors, young women who idolize and worship said professors and are willing to do almost anything for their attention. But after struggling through this book, I really feel like Coulter hasn’t found her voice. Would you let your younger cwtherine anywhere near such a travesty of supposed higher education?!!

With characters like Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith and his chiseled body and ctaherine jeans, this book came dangerously close to being supermarket-checkout-lane drivel.

But it’s all vital to the outcome. A teenage kid was murdered, striped of all his clothing and placed near the Lincoln Memorial. This series is not to be missed. She saw Eileen Simons of clarinet fame in her mind’s eye, and knew she was interested in Dr. Or if its just me, being bothered by weird things as usual?? It is the grandson of former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and every bone in his body broken and frozen.

And proves that money truly is the root of all evil. She must mean Code Blue if it’s about a person. She’d never believed she was a screamer, but a scream ripped right out of her mouth, and then another, her brain screaming in tandem.

However, I look forward to the next book in the series to see if Catherine picks up the pace again. Catheine make a big deal about bombbshell and then forget to finish it? Sep 30, Diana Murphy rated it it was ok. I almost gave up on this one! And although I haven’t read any other books in the series, I got the feeling that a good deal of them were previous main characters getting a little revisit time.


This seems to be a common trope in this series, btw.

If you have been following this exciting series, you know that Savich and Sherlocke are on the job and they always get their man. Griffin Hammersmith is on his way to D.

Bombshell (FBI Thriller, book 17) by Catherine Coulter

As Savich and Bombsjell search for the killer they follow leads that direct them to the dead man’s friends. This did focus on his love interest though, with whom he had no chemistry he had more chemisry with his bombshel strangely enough The writing is eye rolling ridiculous, but Cathrine can’t help myself. She stripped off her clothes, paused on the clip of her bra when she heard something, movement, something. Hayman dogged her all evening, giving her entirely too much attention until she was certain every student within hearing distance now hated her guts?

But seriously, Griffin Hammersmith? Two stories at one time which connected only by a thin thread. Is he the Ground hog or something? Is this a revenge killing or something more personal?

With her usual excellent writing, Ms. She looked around and sent a silent prayer of thanks upward that there weren’t any cops, either. It has been awhile since I read a book in the series, but I am glad I picked this one up. Too many different characters say, “Let me tell you. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. After a night of drinking catherinw.

No cops, please–too much humiliation. Catherine Coulter always writes a well-paced crime thriller. One of the reasons that this book was a little slower was the bombshell that there was not as much interaction between characters as far as excitement.



I’m now a sensible woman, resolute and determined, and the Director of Stanislaus can go compliment cojlter in the reed section. Griffin had plans to visit his sister who is a student at Stanislaus School of Music in Maestro, Virginia, but before he can get there he gets a call that Delsey had been attacked and is in the hospital.

He gets a call stating that his sister has been attacked in Maestro, VA. As this plot evolves, we find DEA undercover operatives and several murders.

She pressed her forehead against the steering wheel, willing the world to stitch itself back together for her, swearing to any power listening that she’d go back to her one-drink limit. How does a big shot FBI agent not know that his college age younger sister is going to school somewhere there’s already been multiple murders involving his colleaguesand repeated instances of sketchy behavior by faculty, staff, and the administration?

Why would law enforcement professionals allow random people to wander in and out of guarded hospital rooms? In Bomb Shell there are 2 different plots taking place in two different locations with a couple of characters connecting the story lines. Then to post the photos to youtube? Smith and the beautiful but tough undercover DEA agent Mr Southern stereotype even though the two demonstrated the appropriate level of fake attraction that again only a deranged Hollywood screenwriter would think was in any way reasonably, likely, or appropriate.

Trite, tired, and with names only a deranged Hollywood screenwriter would think are clever Hammercock It gets a solid 2 because its still better than the Tax Code and it did two things that I appreciated: This book reads like C. Both interesting and intense.