An official of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) yesterday assured the public that the Camanava flood control project. Effectiveness of CAMANAVA Flood Control Project: A Case Study of Selected Flood Control Structures during Typhoon Gener and Monsoon Rains in August. The CAMANAVA flood control project may be completed before the year is over.

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The contract is worth P million. President Aquino cwmanava justified in canceling the Pbillion Laguna de Bay dredging contract which, not only was technically flawed, but also would not have served to control flooding in the metropolis.

CAMANAVA flood control project, ‘di naging epektibo laban sa baha | Video | GMA News Online

The bulk of this flood control program, a Pbillion dam in the Montalban area, may not be able to accommodate upstream river excess discharge. Fireworks illuminate the skies despite the rain January 01, To improve flood control management in Malabon, this research team recommends a complete recalculation of hydrometeorological forecasts and structure design based on recently procured data, maps, and modelling techniques.

The flood control project design has 26 components: It will probably not work as designed and will probably be a vehicle for huge corruption. Lidar data for Metro Manila, which are the most accurate, have been available only the past two years and already used by Noah for flood projections.

If these concerns are not addressed in a transparent and scientific manner, one must question the motives for pushing through a project that is lacking in scientific preparation. To find out more, please click this link. To top this all, Project Noah recently received a letter from the World Bank asking it to provide only now the flood projections it has made.


Arcilla, MSc and Ph. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. These stories made other people Check them out! Can the same be said of the numerous flood control projects designed under Jica?

The new models should recognize increased severity and frequency of hydrometeorological activity resulting from climate change, such as greater maximum high tides, rising sea levels, and increased magnitude and frequency of precipitation.

You have successfully updated your account. Why was the plan budgeted with a poor flood model? The second recommendation is to rebuild CAMANAVA flood control structures capable of sustaining longer term extreme hydrometeorological conditions based on the outputs derived from the modelling.

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If flood measures are constructed only at the lowest elevations i. There are enough competent Filipino engineers and scientists who are honest and patriotic.

P350-B flood control project flawed

This looks like the Pbillion project will be taken out as a loan, to be paid by the Filipino people. Sharapova campaign off to tough start in Shenzhen Other Sports. Metro Manila Flood Control Plan. If the flood model basis is wrong, then how was the Pbillion estimate done?

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Flood control plans that will involve large dams in the Montalban watershed should also consider the existence of active faults in the area and the very large watershed areas that will be flooded to accommodate the dam water. The proposed large dam flood control program is not designed properly because the flood model it is using is obviously substandard. Design recalculation should incorporate land subsidence caused by pressures from population growth, water usage, and urban planning.


We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The findings reveal failures in flood control cqmanava, such as collapsed river walls, resulting in extensive flooding during and immediately after the rainfall.

The testimony was considered crucial by both the Philippine and American lawyers for the Philippine position.

Masumur Tenorio, Arnel L. Even if camanxva republic was sued because the contract was already fraudulently signed during the Arroyo administration, this reveals the criminal modus operandi of crafting billion-peso projects, using foreign consultants to justify the padded and substandard designs, and financing the projects with sovereign loans that the Filipino people will be paying in the long term.

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But it was extended by another 28 months until To evaluate the effectiveness, the prpject team consulted the initial project design and hydrological and geotechnical studies to ascertain expected flood mitigation results, and evaluated them against site visit observations conducted in early August before and after torrential rainfall. Eighteen natural and artificial waterways segment Malabon and crest during high tide and heavy precipitation. These stories made other people.