The Drake Chronicles is a series that just keeps getting better and better Alyxandra Harvey has created a fun, fast paced and seriously sassy vampire series. As the numerous vampire tribes gather for the Blood Moon, an important vampire ceremony, Lucy and the Drake brothers could not help but. Book V: Blood Moon. NEWS! Publication date has moved up to June ! All because you guys wanted it and kept asking for it~ Thank you! The POVs are.

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Not to say that I didn’ 4.

So now she has broke up with him because she feels bad about it and thinks it is harveyy best way to handle things. Exhilarating, intriguing and completely compelling from start to finish! And the cliffhanger is just ridiculous. Harvey finally did it, mkon ended this book on a cliffy and I need the next book now!! I’ve been waiting t5o get into Nicholas’s head forever! Keiran narrated the epilogue.

They have such a sweet, endearing, yet electric relationship. View all 4 comments. Well, not the book so much as Solange. I got it in the end. Refresh and try again. I do like the swirl textures, though. I mean, yes, Lucy and Nicholas still think about each other constantly, alyxqndra the constant near-death experiences kind of take precedence.

At times, this book can be very frustrating. May 19, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Wow, this book was so so good.

And then beat yourself up for not having read it sooner. When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, Solange Drake is plunged into a battle with her feral nature. I understand how a series works, I know that Harvey needed to up the stakes so close to the series finale, but the sheer number of tribes and groups, human and vampire both, that were going against the Drakes was staggering, and I was confused and lost most of the time.


Blood Moon (Drake Chronicles #5) — Alyxandra Harvey

It really is going to be a long wait until the next book. On one hand, awesome plot and some amazing characters and on the other hand, not koon liking one of the main characters. I want my Nicholas back!!!!!! They stayed on one knee in the snow, waiting for me to do something queenly. Reminds me of Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy. Of course, it vlood leave me hysterically begging for the next book now now now.

Blood Moon (Drake Chronicles #5) – Alyxandra Harvey – Y.A. Reads Book Reviews

The error also took me out of the story. I suppose life gets in the way every now and then. I have been waiting for this novel since I finished Bleeding Hearts. I seriously can’t wait to see what happens next! Nicholas is the next to the youngest Drake and very loyal to Solonge, but he is also Lucy’s boyfriend so he is having some mixed emotions on what to do during Solonges feral state and at the end of the book I sort of felt sorry for the guy.

I am also very glad that the series is wrapping up at the suggestion of the publishers.

My other major complaint is this alyxandga feels like it doesn’t really have an ending. She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, and has been accused, more than once, of being born in the wrong century. So, I’m going to challenge myself to pick it up again some time this year even though I don’t read vampires anymore–I really read lots of books about harrvey, didn’t I?

I still like the books and am interested enough in what happens next, that I will be picking up the next book. Lists with This Book. Overall, pretty mixed feelings about Blood Moon. So it was really great to finally get some understanding, even though I’m still not sure about everything that went down in this book. Or perhaps it is supposed to end on one giant mystery, leaving a host of unanswered questions, in which case not cool.


Being at a vampire hunter school and dating a vampire only subjects her to bullying by her classmates. I had to put the book down and walk away during every chapter she narrated. This and my other reviews can be aluxandra at http: Harveh last book is called Blood Prophecy and should be out in January In Blood Moon she continues to do the unexpected and there were actually times where I found myself not liking the new Solange at all.

For now, I’ll just hope that Book 6 is better. I liked seeing how Lucy fitted in at Helios-Ra, watching her trying to learn to protect herself while having a vampire boyfriend and trying to work out what to do about Solange.

My heart went out to Nicholas, who would have never hurt Lucy no matter what and had to do what she did to her. May 17, Natalie marked it as to-read. Solange Drake, the youngest of the Drake Clan and a recently changed vampire, harvdy gone off the deep end by drinking human blood and is being lead around by the mysterious vampire named Constantine. I don’t want to say much about the story because it would be too easy to give spoilers but I really enjoyed getting to see them both before they married and had the children.

I found myself wanting to strangle Solange.

Feb 26, julieta added it Shelves: This is the 5th book in the Drake Chronicles so please be aware that this review will contain spoilers alyxandrw previous books. Kieran knows something is wrong with her but he is not sure what is going on. This is the 5th book in the series.

Seriously, I wanted to stake her.