Billion BiPACN User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Billion BiPACN router. Other Billion BiPACN Guides. the full User Manual on the CD-. ROM for more advanced settings. This guide is based on the Billion BiPAC N. ADSL2+ Firewall. Modem/Router. Screen. View and Download Billion BiPAC (N) user manual online. (n) Dual WAN ADSL2+ Firewall Router. BiPAC (N) Network Router pdf manual.

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BiPAC N Table of Contents Chapter 1: Users enjoy not only high-speed Gillion services but also broadband multimedia applications such as interactive gaming, video streaming and real-time audio much easier and faster than ever.

It is user-friendly and comes with on- line help. It also supports 78800n management capability for remote users to configure and manage this product. Power Connect it with the supplied power adapter. Make sure that all connected devices are turned on. On the front panel of your router is a bank of LEDs.

If they 78000n not, verify if you are using the proper cables. Make sure that all devices e. Basic Installation The router can be configured through your web browser. A web browser is included as a standard application in the following operating systems: The product provides an easy and user-friendly interface for configuration. Please check your PC network components. Then click on Network and Sharing Center at the top bar.

When the Network and Sharing Center window pops up, select and click on Manage network connec- tions on the left window column.

Then click OK to exit the set- ting. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network Connections 2. Double-click Local Area Connection. Configuring PC in Windows 1. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network and choose the Configuration tab. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network and choose the Protocols tab.

Factory Default Settings Before configuring your router, you need to know the following default settings. Web Interface Username and Password Username: Gather the information as illustrated in the following table and keep it for reference.

Billion BiPAC-7800N User Manual

GUI for any detail configuration. This configuration method is usually auto initiated if user is to connect to the internet via Billion’s router for the first time. Please enter all the information in the blanks provided and then click continue.

The device will reboot and then load the new configuration. If all information provided is valid and the device successfully connects to WAN, a dialog box will appear to signify the completion of the WAN port setup. Select Enable and enter the necessary information in the blanks provided for the Wireless LAN setting wireless setting is only available for BiPAC N if you would like to use this feature and then click Continue. The system will save your new configuration and complete the setup.


You can test the con- nection by clicking on the URL link provided. Configuration via Web Interface Open your web browser, enter the IP address of your router, which by default is You are now successfully logon to the Firewall Router!

BILLION N Information | Increase Broadband Speed

Quick Start Step 1: Select WAN port connect mode from the connect mode drop down menu. There are two types of connect mode to choose from: After selecting the connect mode, press Continue to move on to the next configuring page.

There are 5 types of connection protocols available under ADSL manhal mode while there are 3 types of connection protocols available for EWAN connect mode. After finishing configuring the WAN port connection, click Continue to proceed. The system will upload and apply the new WAN port configuration to the device.

How to Login to the Billion BiPACN

After the configuration manjal successful, you may proceed to configure the Wireless setting. There are 4 types of security mode: Enter the information provided by your ISP. Enter the username provided by your ISP. You can input up to alphanumeric characters case sensitive.

Enter the password provided by your ISP. You can input up to 32 alphanumeric characters case sensitive. Select the encapsulation format. Select the one provided by your ISP.

User can change it to others such as Type the netmask assigned to you by your ISP if given. If the IP is set to 0. This item is for identification purposes. Enter your fixed IP billioh. Default setting is set to Enable. If you want to use wireless, you can select Enable. For security propose, change to a unique ID name which is already built into the manuzl wireless interface.

It provides access control and billing functionality in a manner similar to dial-up services using PPP. This alternative not only provides billiin connection to the Internet, it also provides users with more flexibility to get online.

Billion BiPAC 7800(N) Quick Start Manual

If you do not have any wireless, select Disable. To prevent an unauthorized wireless station from accessing the data transmitted over the network, the router offers a secure data encryption, known as WEP. There are 3 options to select from: Open System, Shared key or both. This shows the SNR margin for upstream rate. This shows the SNR margin for downstream rate. This type of network is area defined and is usually limited to a confined region within a building or just within the same storey of a building.


There are 5 items within the LAN section: Ethernet, Alias, Wireless N The default setting is If you do not know or have both 11g and 11b devices in your network, then keep the default in mixed mode.

The higher the bandwidth the better the performance will be. It is a function that enhances the wireless transmitting signal strength. User may adjust this power level from minimum 0 up to maximum The Power Level maybe different in each access network user premise environment, choose the most suitable level for your network.

The default mode of wireless security is disabled. You can choose the type of security mode you want to apply from the drop down menu. To prevent unauthorized wireless stations from accessing data transmitted over the network, the router offers secure data encryption, known as WEP.

This feature greatly simplifies the steps needed to create a Wi-Fi networks for a residential or an office setting. WPS supports 2 types of configuration methods which are commonly known among consumers: Configure AP as Registrar 1.

Configure AP as Enrollee 1. Set the Config Mode as Registrar. Now to make sure that the setup is correctly done, cross check to see if the SSID and the secu- rity setting of the registrar setting match with the parameters found on both Wireless Configura- tion and Wireless Security Configuration page. Set the Config Mode as Enrollee. When the PBC button is pushed, a wireless communication will be established between your router and the PC.

Access the Wireless configuration of the web GUI. Internet that is used to gillion LAN and other types of network systems. There are two items within the WAN section: DNS helps to find the IP address of a specific domain name. Check the checkbox to obtain DNS automatically. Enter the primary DNS. Enter manjal secondary DNS. It provides access control and billing functions in a manner similar to dial-up services using PPP.

A given name for the connection. Control the maximum Ethernet packet size your PC will send. This option is required by some service Providers. You must fill the MAC address specified by your service provider when this information is required.