BCX38B NPN SILICON PLANAR MEDIUM POWER DARLINGTON TRANSISTORS. ISSUE 1 MARCH 94 Details, datasheet, quote on part number : BCX38B. BCX38B datasheet, BCX38B circuit, BCX38B data sheet: ZETEX – NPN SILICON PLANAR MEDIUM POWER DARLINGTON TRANSISTORS,alldatasheet. BCX38B Datasheet, BCX38B PDF, BCX38B Data sheet, BCX38B manual, BCX38B pdf, BCX38B, datenblatt, Electronics BCX38B, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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Difference Amplifier or Subtractor. Buzzer and Piezo sounder. Livewire and PCB Wizard. Crocodile Technology and real-PCB. Debounced Switch – Input Sensor. Hall Effect Sensor – Input Unit.

Infrared photo module – Input Unit. Inverter Pulse Unit Datasheet. Keypad – Input Unit. Light Sensor – Input Sensor. Linear temperature sensor – Input Unit. Moisture Sensor – Input Sensor. Movement Sensor datashewt Input Unit. Optoswitch – Input Unit. Photodetector – Input Unit.

Digital DandT Data Sheets

Pulse Unit – Input Block. Sound Sensor – Input unit. Switch Unit – Input Unit. Temperature Sensor Thermistor – Input Sensor. Tilt Switch – Input Sensor. Comparator – Process Unit. Delay – Process Unit.

Difference Amplifier or Subtractor – Process Unit. Negative Latch – Process Unit. Non-Inverting Amplifier – Process Unit. NOR gate – Process Units. Positive Latch – Process Unit. Retriggerable Monostable – Process Unit. Summing Amplifier – Process Unit. Bar graph bcc38b and driver – Output Device. Bulb or lamp – Output Device. Buzzer and Piezo sounder – Output Device. Loudspeaker – Output Device.

Music generator – Output Device. Piezo transducer – Output Device. Servo motor – Output Device. Stepper motor – Output Device. Darlington Driver – Driver Unit. LD driver – Driver Unit. Relay – Driver Unit.

Thyristor – Driver Unit.

BCX38B Datasheet

Transistor – Driver Bc38b. Notes on Combining Subsystems. Battery – Power Supply Bcx3b. DC motor – Output Device. LED – Output Device. Turns something on, and then off, and keeps repeating this. Produces a switch that produces dagasheet sharp change from low to high, suitable for use with a counter. This unit is used for remote control using infrared over a distance of up to about 10m. Depending on the circuit details, it can provide simple on-off operation, or it can receive data from a hand-held remote control or a PIC.

  GS08 E C E C U PDF

A keypad is used for data entry. It needs to be used with a PIC. Photodectors are semiconductor devices which respond to light. They can replace light dependent resistors and have the advantage of lower pollution and smaller size.

The rotation sensor datashet a potentiometer to sense rotation. It can also be used to produce a variable voltage.

Semtech AT-2 Rapid 10k thermistor Precision 1k Semitec AT-2 Rapid Darlington Driver The Darlington driver subsystem is an electronic switch that provides an output signal powerful enough to drive output subsystems requiring high current. CD1 Rapid mA more expensive, higher current e.


Rapid music unit can’t be soldered to. To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. This Sidebar appears everywhere on your workspace.

Add to it whatever you like — a navigation section, a link to your favorite web sites, or anything else. The Hall effect sensor produces an output sighnal that changes when a magnet is near. Allegro A Rapid Infrared photo module: The light sensor is used to detect changes in the amount of light in its surroundings. Rapid SFH Rapid Linear temperature sensors are used to monitor temperature accurately. They are particularly useful with PICs which have an analogue to digital converter.

The dataaheet sensor is used to detect changes in the wetness of its surroundings.

The movement sensor is a switch. It is ‘on’ closed if the sensor is not moved. With the circuit arrangement suggested this gives a low output signal. If the sensor is moved accelerated the switch opens and the signal goes high. Rapid horizontal vertical Optoswitch: There are two types of optoswitch – the slotted optoswitch and the reflective optoswitch.


Both are used to detect nearby objects. The slotted optoswitch dtasheet when an object is in the slot. The reflective optoswitch detects when a reflective object is near the optoswitch.

QTC comes in the form of sheet, ‘pills’ and cable. QTC sheet can be used to make very low cost touch switches that can be placed on the case of products. The reed switch is used to detect the presence of a magnet. The sound sensor provides an output signal voltage that responds to sound detected by a microphone. It will only respond to loud sounds. The switch subsystem provides a switch that closes when pressed. The output signal from the switch subsystem goes high when the switch is pressed.

The temperature sensor is used to detect changes in the temperature of its surroundings. The tilt switch is ued to detect movement. The monostable subsystem provides an output signal that is triggered high for a period of time before returning to low. Makes something happen when both inputs are activated.

The comparator provides a large change bcx83b signal when the input signal only changes slightly and converts an analogue signal into a digital signal. It ‘compares’ the voltage input signal and the voltage from a potentiometer. The counter subsystem counts the number of signal pulses connected to its clock input. The delay subsystem produces a delay after the input signal goes high.

Difference Amplifier or Subtractor Datashret difference amplifier is used with two analogue input signals. It gives an analogue output signal which is proportional to the difference between the two input voltages.

When the input signal is high, the output signal is low, and vice versa. It is useful for turning something on until a second signal switches it off.