Alain Badiou, April Metapolitics (sometimes written meta-politics) is metalinguistic talk about politics; a political Badiou, Alain. Metapolitics. London . In this follow-up to his highly acclaimed volume Ethics, a searing critique of liberalism, Alain Badiou discusses the limits of political philosophy. Metapolitics. But this is exactly what Badiou’s metapolitics would have us believe. If ‘revolution’ and ‘dialectic’ really are the remnants of old ways of thinking politics then it is.

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The anthropology of the name metapilitics by no means a philosophical discipline. Refresh and try again. These modes can be char- acterised through their interiority or exteriority. But for Badiou, what is just is a politics that is never converted to a relation of the State, but instead remains as a perpetual revolution of the homogeneous multiplicity.

Arendt’s formula is then the following: For all that, one will recognise in the reduction of political judge- ment to pure negation ‘resisting evil’ what has always been said about parliamentary democracies: Who else in contemporary philosophy has the audacity even to attempt such an implausible reinvention of in ilium t politics, let alone is capable of bringing it off? Nature, Education and Things.

Vote, or reinvent politics? But how can a popular struggle progress when, for Badiou, the political truth procedure and the social transformation it claims to bring about seemingly operate at the same level?

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If I could give it 2. What do the sovereignty of the spectator and the absolute primacy of debate bzdiou mean? Use the lead layout guide to ensure the section follows Wikipedia’s norms and to be inclusive of all essential details. Request removal from index. Stanford University Press, From Politics Past to Politics Future: It all depends on what the debate is aimed at.


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Put simply, it is dialogue about the way politics will talk and does speak about itself. With Cavailles, in the process of passing from Husserl to Spinoza – or equally with Albert Lautman who, on the basis of PROLOGUE 5 a staggering mastery of the mathematics of his time, attempted to found a modern Platonism – we are presented with the singular background of the exemplary resistant figures of French philosophy. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Here Cavailles anticipated by twenty years the philosophical endeavours of the s. Marx’s ultimate objective was the transformation of society – albeit byway of a ‘transition’ to communism that would no longer appear viable today.

University of Chicago Press, It was inin his Peut-on penser la politique? For every real figure of evil is presented, not as a fanatical non-opinion undermining being-together, but on the contrary as a politics aiming to ground authentic being-together. Metapolitics is effective inasmuch as we are given a means by which the state of the situation may be questioned, measured and put at a distance which invariably opens up the possibility of politics as thought-praxis.

As mentioned earlier, in these situations we have the option of showing fidelity to these ontologically emergent truths or rejecting them. This is a tough one. By way of example, wc might ask where – in the form of situations bearing a possible that will metapolitice been established by a prescription – we should seek verification of statements of the unnameable name ‘revolutionary polities’ bwdiou and For equality is not an objective of action, it is an axiom.

A Speculative Disquisition on the Concept of. Daniel Klein and Thomas Cathcart.

It metapolitkcs on the contrary the non-thinking of the situation that prevents the risk, or the examination of pos- sibles. In reality, as ever, truths are rare and precarious, their action restricted. The prescriptive possible is therefore composed of subjectivities and practices whose content has presided over what has taken place. As indicated earlier, to badioi by contrast this note will highlight what Badiou is not trying to achieve with his politics.


When that which is thought in a mode of thought is the Real, it is a name insomuch as its being is not what is, but what can be.

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Seized in interiority the possible remains as the subjective content governing what takes place, whatever the ‘nature’ of this taking-place might be. Gilles Deleuze and Jean-Francois Lyotard. That the homogeneous multiplicity of places is rigorously coex- tensive with the prescriptive nature of the name is proved by the fact that, as soon as a place disappears, the general political con- figuration is terminated. Canguilhem sums up the life of Jean Cavailles: I even hadiou that history, which is after meyapolitics Lazarus’ key intertocutor – since his whole project is to metapoliics the thought of singu- larities – maintains for him, within the space of the State, tighter and more disputable bonds with the anthropology of the name than philosophy can ever claim to have.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alternatively, she may have to concede defeat and turn back in the face of internal inconsistencies.

Moving towards Meta-Politics: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Political Criticism

Arguably Badiou needs to set out meetapolitics by which genuinely novel transformations might emerge through the course of political truth procedures without succumbing to metapolitjcs config- urations. A contemporary politics is always politics- there [politique- la]. But its intellectuality is concep- tualised.

Preface to the English Edition i Since Manifesto for Philosophy 1 I have maintained that there are four philosophical conditions: Indeed, pre- scriptions raise the prospect of real political change: These fundamental results reveal the prolific intellectual framework set up by Sylvain Lazarus.