Language & Speech. · Ejournals · Teachers Portal · Sitemap · Credits · Contact Us. Ⓒ Azim Premji Foundation | Disclaimer. Azim Premji @ ISB: Success comes from the ordinary. Wipro Chairman Azim Premji’s inspiring address to the graduating batch of the Indian School of Business, .. DON’T MISS: Oscar winner’s convocation speech at IIM-K. “Character is one factor that will guide all our actions and decisions”, Wipro chairman Azim Premji said during one of his innumerable speeches.

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How loan waivers will hurt the states ‘Something sinister in Urjit Patel’s exit’? The vendor would pick up the money, smile politely and say, premni you, Sir.

In the past two decades, very few high quality academic institutions have been built in India, and ISB has definitely proved itself to be amongst the leaders.

T he second lesson I have learnt is that a rupee earned is of far more value than five found. There is extraordinary inequality, deprivation and injustice all around us, and I think we need to be conscious of this reality, because it is highly intelligent and capable people like you who are key to making our country better. Premhi entire village had been involved in organising the fair.

At the recent Earthian Awards in Bengaluru, Premji took many such creative questions from a room filled with school and college students.


How Azim Premji hopes to shape young minds – Business

If you could ask Wipro chairman Azim Premji one question, what would it be? One way of achieving excellence is by looking at those better than ourselves. The typical example of the American election is the result of a revolt by the middle class, which thought it was getting a raw deal. I was told that they were siblings who were too little to epeech in school.

Azim Premji Convocation speech at IIT

Some countries are less developed, but have a very good quality education system. T he fourth lesson I have learnt is the importance of humility. Yes, I was very naughty when I was a kid.

While it is important for us to know what we are not good at, we must also cherish what is good in us. The funny thing about life is that you realise sspeech value of something only when it begins to leave you.

But excellence cannot be imposed from the outside. They are, in my opinionfar more intelligent than the questions you get from the boys.

Azim Premji @ ISB: Success comes from the ordinary

And unless you learn to cope with change, you will fall behind. Wipro was not started by me. I hope you achieve success in whatever way you define it and what sepech you the maximum happiness in life. And I do believe, that if each of us does whatever we can, within our capability, capacity and our constraints, to reach out to even one of our fellow underprivileged citizens, it can make an enormous difference to our country.


The reason behind Wipro’s success, he says, is an unceasing quest for excellence. It was an eye opener as to the resilient spirit of our people, which can be sparked with just the little intervention azm outside. Ultimately, your only competition is yourself.

And if you do encounter failure along the way, treat it as an equally natural phenomenon. That brings me to my next point.

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Azim Premji: I have worked very hard and neglected my family: Azim Premji – The Economic Times

F rom the earliest years of our schooling, everyone focuses on what is wrong with us. At the recent Earthian Awards in BengaluruPremji took many such creative questions from a room filled with school and college students, working on sustainability projects. The funny thing about life is that you realise the value of something only when it begins to leave you. Today as I stand here I recall a personal incident from way back pertaining to another excellent business school like this one.

There are some developed nations, some developing and many under-developed. Who and what inspired you to start Wipro? It requires a lot of relearning from you all the time.