20 New Anticancer Rules – David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD He is the author of The Instinct to Heal and Anticancer: A New Way of Life. This book inspired the creation of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program. Dr. David Servan-Schreiber’s book compiles evidence about the relationship between. The revolutionary, New York Times bestselling guide to the powerful lifestyle changes that fight and prevent cancer—an integrative approach.

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I was diagnosed with Stage Three Breast cancer in September of last year.

We get much better nutrition from the meat and lufe of animals that have eaten good diets themselves. I don’t want to go through all this again–thus the appeal of the promise of the title.

The cover says all of us have cancer cells in our bodies something my husband who does genetic sequencing informatics had also servan-sschreiber mebut not all of us will develop cancer.

Most importantly to meAnti Cancer is not chock full of pat statements akin to “This natural thing works.

20 New Anticancer Rules – David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD | Healing Journeys

A chapter on how to anticabcer with people who may not recover is also included. This conversation changed my plan whi This book is one of the best book I’ve read.

Read it Forward Read it first. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This same information has been covered by dozens of wellness researchers, sustainable living writers, and integrative specialists like Andrew Weil for many, many years, and in better, deeper ways.

20 New Anticancer Rules – David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD

Now I’m at the stage where I’m facing the “what next” in this illness, and I finally picked up I’m sure I if would have been motivated to read this unless I’d had breast cancer this year, but that’s probably true for many people who pick up a book with this title. So here’s a summary tailored for people interested in breast cancer.

Want to Read saving…. There are lists of vegetables that inhibit the growth of specific types of cancer, according to the one doctor in Montreal who decided to research this despite the fact that nobody can patent food as a treatment and make millions like pharmaceutical companies do.


While that sounds really dry and not so motivational, this book is incredibly moving. There was a more about the benefits of support groups, exercise, and finding peace of mind.

Colin Campbell, a doctrinaire vegetarian and author of The China Study –a controversial figure but Servan-Schrieber skips the controversy. I applaud Dr Servan for this very helpful book contribution in understanding the immune system and how it effects our health and well-being. Stay in Touch Sign up. Enter your email address to receive the Anticancer e-newsletter and the latest cancer research by Dr.

Anticancer, A New Way of Life

View all 10 comments. Avoid refined, white flour used in bagels, muffins, sandwich bread, buns, etc. The great thing it is a collection of a hard experiment for David with brain cancer and it covered the whole picture of his life health, social. The author is an accomplished MD and Ph. This book showed me that I can do things to stay healthy, despite doctors saying there’s nothing I could do. View all 10 comments.

I enjoyed it so much that I carry a copy on my phone in addition to having the hardcover. Instead of coffee or black tea, drink three cups of green tea per day. Open Preview See a Problem? He is the author of The Instinct to Heal and Anticancer: Yet I hope that you read this book before cancer ever strikes.

Don’t think you have to be a cancer patient to buy this. How could I not be moved? One of many excellent examples is “How green tea, and specific kinds of green tea in particular, stop angiogenesis in tumors and the conditions under which it works best. While this book would be of great value for anyone to read, I definitely recommend this book for all practitioners in health and psychology. It is a moving story of a doctor’s inner and outer search for balance; radical in its discussion of the environment, lifestyle, and trauma; and compelling and cautionary in its proposal that cancer cells lie dormant in all of us and that we all must care for the “terrain” in which they exist.


But only on the topic of diet and nutrition does he really go into depth, and here even people well-read on the topic might learn a thing or two. For the first time in my life, I began to drink green tea 3 times a day. Dec 12, Jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hardcoverpages. I stumbled across it a few days after my diagnosis.

This is not the first book I have read on this topic of changing diet, exercise and the existence of a mind-body connection but it may have been what I did need to read right now. I was particularly interested in his conclusion from medical studies that the ability to keep one’s emotional state in balance and stress-free is also important to aid the immune system to fight off alien cancer cells and tumors.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bookworm rated it it was ok Oct 17, One section recommends against eating sugar or anything with a high glycemic index.

If you feed animals nothing but cheap processed corn products, then their meat isn’t good for us. Quotes from Anticancer, A New But I eventually began reading it and was inspired by it to make some changes in our lifestyle. Started out good, but a little too wordy. Besides, everyone has cancer cells and everyone is bombarded with carcinogenes, so it behooves us to do all we can to protect our health in the face of these internal and external threats.

Servan-Schreiber’s story What is Anticancer? Learned a lot about how to eat better.

Yes, it poisons the patient as well–but we have the better chance of bouncing back. It’s medical, it’s inspirational and it’s an incredibly important book that should jet to the top of many reading lists. It Beautifully written motivator to improve your lifestyle habits and your life overall.