Manuals and User Guides for ANSMANN Virus We have 2 ANSMANN Virus manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. Ansmann Virus , ☆ 1/8 Scale Nitro Buggy ☆ Radio Controlled (RC) Our basic instructions will help you set-up and fine tune the Nitro Engine for your Virus. Please check the smoke detector manual. In our opinion, almost every smoke detector will work with NiMH batteries, but please note: smoke detectors are.

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Was the fuel opened? If instead, it slaps down onto the table, the viirus of your dampers is not enough. Some countries have several different plug systems. Is this the same buggy?

The BASIC series trickle chargers are also free from battery overload as the charging current is always low, but remains constant. Check out my Servo Information article. Sign in with Google. Remember, one change at a time. The chassis should dip slightly below then back up again to the anmsann ride height, in one smooth movement.

The Virus 2 steering servo is also prone to damage. I don’t know what the shelf life of nitro fuel is Devices such as viru cameras, MP3-Player, toys, torches, etc. If they are scratched, change them as soon as possible.

Ansmann Nitro Virus 2.0 Big Block Radio Controlled Car

I’ll definitely stick with electric. I’ve got to attaching the muffler to the engine – On the bit where they meet, there is a rubber sleeve – Is this supposed to come off to fit the muffler and therefore metal ansmanh metal – there for protection or should it stay there to ensure a VERY snug fit. Virue does the Zero Watt technology work?


I think it will be a bit of trial and error. The steel shafts wear and bend too easily. Would it be best with a craft knife of lexan scissors? What is the difference between the ranges “Digital” and “Professional” batteries?

ANSMANN Virus 3.0 Manuals

Therefore, you should replace them all with shielded ball bearings. The positive and the negative poles become short-circuited. Cordless phones usually have a display that indicates the battery status the remaining capacity. Therefore, using a rechargeable battery with a nominal voltage of 1.

Then, take a screwdriver and box spanner and check each self tapping screw and nut for security, taking care not to over tighten. Also check the damper shafts for damage. For more information, take a look at my article, How to get the best from your Bearings.

Manual – Ansmann Nitro Virus Big Block Radio Controlled Car

Basically this is possible and makes financial as well as environmental sense. Every charging slot continues until that battery is fully charged. Tires – for Buggys, Trucks and Truggys. Setting qnsmann your dampers is a matter of trial and error.

The one thing you will always need is an instruction manual.

Why can some devices only use 1,5V batteries? How to Repair a broken Plastic Part. Both ends should respond equally when dropped, if not, change your pistons or oil weights until they do.


ANSMANN AG – Frequently askes questions (FAQ) – All FAQs

Learn how to combat friction and get more from your Ansmann Virus 2. In high speed crash situations, the fragile gear teeth of the servo can be broken off, rendering your expensive servo useless, so be sure to obtain a good quality “Servo Saver”.

Larger holes, less static damping, smaller holes more static damping. Bit far for me if you have any trouble just pm me also search the forum for ansmann virus and terrier I’ve posted in a few of the threads about essential upgrades that need to be done while building them is the perfect time.

So, these hyper 7 instructions are near on exactly the same! Sway Bars for Radio Controlled Models. Check what voltage and current the end device needs to operate to find these you may have to look at the instructions or on the device itself and choose the right universal power supply. What size replacement rechargeable batteries should I use in a cordless phone?

Thanks for your help! Ride Height – Find the optimum setting.

Finally, good luck with your Virus 2 model and good racing.