Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to angolrahangolva! I’m here in England and I have a very good friend here, Claire Claire: Hi! Tünde: So, Claire, how are you today?. Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to Angolra Hangolva again! I’m here with a very good friend of mine, Ivan, he’s from Bulgaria. So how are you tonight? Ivan: Ahh, I’m. Check out Angolra Hangolva by Kolibri Színház on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on

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So could you tell us something about that, what is the message? Do you have many native speakers here like Americans?

Video 6 szószedet – Angolra Hangolva

Do you know something, whether the queen hanggolva here today? Sure, I really liked the spaghetti and pasta. Eh, because if you speak more languages you can go around the world.

What would you recommend, why is it worth learning and why is it good to speak English very well? So how do you enjoy it? Could you please explain what kind of drink is that?


Yeah, in Windsor we have nightclubs, pubs and people from all over the place come like Camberley, London, Brighton, they come in and we have eh… special functions eh. I do tours even in English, eh, so you can… to visit us, that would be great.

Interjúk hallott szövegértés fejlesztésére

My favourite team in England is Manchester United…. I play it for a team in London. Sam; Ahhh, mixed fruit. I love it too. Very well, thank you. You can ask as much as you want… J. Eh, no we are going on Wednesday. I just have to keep an eye on the bikes… T: Erhhh… Personally… Me, not very often. Hangolga would have just a last question… S: Quite happy, nice and easy job, relaxing, you can take time off whenever you want.

Ehmm… I play some professional, so… I play every week. I think I was gonna say, go to Preston! Hi guys, welcome to Angolrahangolva! When was the last time when hanholva were in Brighton?

And I can do anything you imagine. Favourite team — kedvenc csapat.

So, basically how is it to be in Windsor? So, is it your first time to be here? Which type of food did you try? So how are you today? Learning here is also much… there is more to learn, in fewer hours per week and a lot of it is memorization still. Share your thoughts with other customers. And how long have you been in England? Thank you, we are very well. Do you have a specific flavour that you prefer?


I appreciate it so much. To be in a historic place? My very first time in Italy with my family, we came in yesterday morning.

Hi guys, welcome to Angolra hangolva! And how long have you been here? Hi guys, welcome to Angolra Hangolva again! To see a country so big, and have different cultures kind of within that is very different than in the U.

So what about this magnificent view? Ah, yeah it was one from early. Probably you know, this is one of the hardest languages in the world, so… Ted: What would you recommend to my students, why is it important to speak English? That was so kind of you.