Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The lack of music as well as emotional depth mars Angel-Seeker – Kindle edition by Sharon Shinn. Download it. Angel-Seeker is a science fantasy novel by American writer Sharon Shinn, published in It is the fifth novel in the Samaria series. It is set shortly after. Angel-Seeker is the sequel to Sharon Shinn’s wonderful novel, Archangel. Shinn’s subsequent books in this series, Jovah’s Angel, The Alleluia.

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The angels and people of Samaria are picking up the pieces after the god destroyed Mount Galo when the Gloria was not sung and Angeo destroyed Windy Point where Raphael had ruled from. Angels are superior beings who act as intercessors for humanity with their god who floats above the land. The Jansai were the bad guys in the first book and as a I chose to read this book after Archangel because the events in it are set right after those in Archangel despite this being the 5th book in the series.

Gradually I came to understand that she loves her family and feels safe with them, and she’s been so sheltered she can’t even imagine a life otherwise – so why would she leave everything she’s comfortable with to embrace something she’s never seen or understood? Which life is right for Rebekah and how will she know? In stories with multiple points of view, my favorite character usually ends up being the one the book syaron off with.

But then he met Rebekah and all the little pieces fell into place. To view it, click here. I didn’t like this one quite as much as the first in the series, mainly because I anhel thrilled by the theme of industrialization going on in Samaria.


Sent away to deal with a group of people that shlnn one can understand, let alone reason with, he resigns himself to being just the happy-go-lucky friend. And Rebekah – a young Jansai woman, who has her life planned out for her by the males in her family and grudgingly accepts this.

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Angel-Seeker (Samaria, book 5) by Sharon Shinn

I wish we knew more about the background of the Jansai and why they’re so different from other Samarians and why they’re so freaking evil – but then, I guess fundamentalists exist in our world too, and are equally evil.

A lot of my favoritism towards this book is probably due to the fact that it tackles an issue I feel strongly about — women’s rights.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve read a few fantasy books that feature winged people, but the matter-of-fact way they are dealt with here makes them so much more plausible. Rebekah is a Jansai, a group of people who keep their women hidden from all others. Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Books with missing cover All stub articles.

Angel-Seeker — All About Romance

Sharon Shinn mentions on her website that Angel-Seeker is also her favorite book of the series, and that is most definitely reflected in the writing. I admired her and how delicately and complexly her conflicted character was handled.

Aug 14, Margo Berendsen rated it it was amazing Shelves: National bestselling author Sharon Shinn returns once more to the planet of Samaria, where men and angels live under the watchful eye of the god Jovah, in this richly romantic tale, which begins where Archangel left off. And probably my second favorite of all the Samaria books, right behind Archangel.



Nothing was easy, but when they were together hsinn felt right and not like it was manufactured just to finish out a side character’s story arc satisfactorily for longtime readers. Again Shwron does not moralise or lecture. Apr 18, Jenn rated it it was amazing. Rachel Potter Review Date: But they are also strictly patriarchal and controlling. Last but not least, there are just the right amount of glimpses of old favorite characters sprinkled here and there to put a smile on my lips and remind me why each book in this series is a delight and why I will be reading them over and over again all throughout the years of my life.

Pretty much all the other ethnic groups in Samaria have been covcered by POV characters. The Jansai are one of the many cultures populating the world of Samaria, and they seem to be remarkably similar to certain Earth cultures, particularly in how they treat their women. Her Jansai are rotten through and through, with all the men ranging between bad and horrible, and that’s just unreasonable to me.

Unfortunately there is no nuance to their portrayal, Shinn is determined to have them remain flat villains.

And she does allow herself to be used.