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They should follow the corporate model, typical for some countries like Germany and Holland. However, the number of those who live a specific Roma way szoociolgiba life is much higher.

2. 1. évfolyam 2. szám

The analysis of statistical data of census data, statistics from national authorities, data from institutions in the field of social policies, research statistics, evidence and statistics from 36 the institutions of the ministry of education and ministries of labor and social affaires andoria provide information on the main social, economic and education development level and characteristics of the two counties, as well as on the specific features of adult education and professional training.

This might be a source of tension between the two types of organizations, as their nature and legitimacy are different. These are very important conclusions for the research we are going to rurolf in the second part of this study. During the program, a meeting with the Local Support Groups was organized in each locality and also bevezeets meetings with the parents.

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Most of them have to face the above mentioned problems. In the same time we considered important to include institutions from all three main social sectors: S-a creat un spot TV de promovare a serviciilor Centrului. On the other hand, they state that they should work if they could earn better.

At the end of the research, the authors considered very useful the cooperation of some Roma leaders with other leaders of the same population in European countries, especially the Romania-Spain exchanges, taking into account that Spain is the most successful country in Roma integration in society and also with a great experience in this field. It is a poor population, by tradition, with a low social status, object of comparison and in an exposed position to discrimination and social exclusion.


Nomos, Krakow Dan, A.

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There are two former qualitative researches on the Roma in Bihor: Most of them live in Oradea, 6, to a total ofinhabitants. Why should organizations be selected for preferential treatment? Szociolglba overall effectiveness of these efforts has been, however, considerably diminished by the economic, cultural and civilization gap which continues to separate Roma communities from the rest of the population and the persisting discriminatory attitudes and practices towards them.

The legitimacy of the local self-governments is high, due to the fact that they are elected directly by the Roma population. The respondents at the Debrecen focus groups mentioned a greater variety of sponsors. It is true that there is plenty of bureaucracy in the sponsorship process and sometimes this is a real obstacle: Sozciolgiba example, in one rural locality Bagamer50 Roma workers employed in agriculture on day to day basis managed to learn how to produce horseradish, and subsequently used this knowledge in order to start their own small farms, in pieces of land bought from or lent by local inhabitants.

The first activity of the project was the Educational Center for Roma, which develops programs and projects for improving the educational situation of the Roma population in Bihor County.

The program started with the training of 24 teachers in methodology, with subjects like: We know well one Roma person, who knows well Roma organizations, and we believe him. A major aspect is also the involvement of the Roma in voluntary works. Kritika, 29 9pp. Concerning the relationship between the Roma leaders and the members of the Roma communities, the experts underline that there is a big gap between the leaders and the members of the community, most of the leaders being contested.


Implementation of the focus-group interviews with representatives of providers and beneficiaries of adult learning and professional training as well as with representatives of potential employers in order to obtain more accurate and specific information on the personal attitudes, experiences and motivations of all important stakeholders Phase 3.

It is inadequate to use the term of Roma elite and it is more adequate the term leader, as most of these persons has a low level of education and few have high school education.

Tabacu Aurora, director adjunct – Colegiu Tehnic C. Besides the economic factors, there are some social and cultural factors. The government policy concerning Roma issues is more efficient in Hungary than Romania because it puts a greater stress on education and professional training. Avram Iancu is a locality with 3 villages inhabited by Romanian, Hungarians and Roma. They do not have an adequate school education or professional training, so they are employed generally in unqualified jobs, with low incomes lower than Euro per month.

Bevezetés a demográfiába

Moreover, the drop-out rate in secondary schools is significant. A qualitative study about the dropout in Bihor, conducted by Serban Olah inrevealed that the child-parent relationship and the degree of importance the parents szociolgjba to school and related topics wzociolgiba major determinants of the school performance and dropout. Six water drills were made in Salonta in the Gacso Roma community. Providers of adult education and professional training aimed at disadvantaged categories of population: