Action Message Format (AMF) is a binary format used to serialize object graphs such as Adobe Systems published the AMF binary data protocol specification in December and announced that it will support the developer community to . Adobe open-sourced their FDS (Flex Data Services) product today, and along with it published the AMF3 spec (this time without NDA!). FDS. Contribute to perceptron8/amf development by creating an account on GitHub.

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We can see the objectEncoding value to be 3. Numbers are encoded as double-precision floating point and are composed of eight bytes. May I ask why are you writing your own adapter? Type The parameter type and the protocol version in which this type is defined declaration of some types can be different in different protocol versions.

The AMF 3 specification is here: Each type is denoted by a single byte preceding the actual data. I am particularly interested in Streaming Connections and would like to have a little more optimized Java Side deserialization Blazeds Deserializes bytes as Bytes for example.

The first step will be to create a Moodle modules that facilitates deploying custom made, generic Flash and Flex e-learning interactions in Moodle courses and recording user interaction results in the Moodle gradebook.

If you record a user scenario on a web application using the AMF protocol, you will see the contents of AMF requests and responses in the scenario editor: As for other objects implementing the IExternalizable interface, LoadComplete does not parse them and does not support modifying data in them.

AMF3 – MoodleDocs

You can also use the path to create data selectors and data replacers to extract parameters from responses and to replace the recorded parameters with the needed values. Well on the one side I simply wanted to understand the protocol. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Spce details on how to support IE, check out the source code for censusTest. In this case, the AMF data is encapsulated in a chunk which has a header which defines things such as the message length and type whether it is a “ping”, “command” or media data.

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flex – AMF and AMF3 Specification – Stack Overflow

The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable. Articles needing additional references from A,f3 All articles needing additional references. AMF0 RPC calls are composed of a version, list of headers, and list of messages, which roughly equate to methods to call. The parameter type and the protocol version in which this type is defined declaration of some types can be different in different protocol versions. This wrapper does not come into play for basic ActionScript object serialization through ByteArray.

These blocks are created by the server automatically and contain some service information along with the response body contents.

AMF3 is compressed and therefore lighter and faster. The table includes keys as well as values. It is not necessary to install any new classes!

Could anyone please explain this zpec to me?

Support for AMF Protocol

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The data markers are as follows:.

Please check that it is correct for your server configuration. This can be either a value extracted from a previous response, or a value that LoadComplete generates or loads from an external file. Below is a brief description of the service parameters received from the server: I could have started migrating the incompatible parts of an existing stack, but I need only a small portion of the full blown stack and Ammf3 wanted to keep the implementation as simple and small bytecode size as possible.


Keys are encoded as strings with the 0x02 ‘type-definition’ byte being implied not included in the message. The format is often used in conjunction with Adobe’s RTMP to establish connections and control commands for the delivery of streaming media.

Ok, hopefully that worked for you. The root element of the parameter tree corresponds either to the Message or to the Header data block. Is this page helpful? You can change parameter values, but you cannot create or delete parameters or change their type. For more information on the parameters described above, refer to the Adobe web site. Specifics of AMF Support.

IExternalizable interface and fully control the way an object is serialized. It should also work on your iPad, iPhone, soec Android device. Christofer Dutz 1, 1 17 It probably should use getter and setter methods of Moodle’s API Well, that has to be built from scratch. As someone who has built a library that can parse AMF and make RPC calls RocketAMFAmc3 would advise that you use one of the existing libraries rather than write your own if you just need remoting support.

Applies to LoadComplete 4. That became the basis for amf. AMF is just a serialization technology, not a transport.