About this manual. This manual describes the operation of the ÄKTA™FPLC™ system. System description, system maintenance and trouble-shooting are also. filter. Sample pump. Buffer select valve (V6). Injection valve (V1). Reverse . Manual. Flowpath. B1 or B2. BufferValveB. Pump A. Pump B. Common inlet. A2. A1. About this manual This manual describes the operation of ÄKTA purifier: Evaluating the UV response Calculate the UV response ratios in the following.

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Manua techniques can be used for filling the sample loop; partial or complete filling. It is divided into two parts, one describing the installation and one describing how to run the installation test. Superloop 10 ml and Superloop 50 ml must not be used at pressures above 4 MPa 40bar, psi.

The sample is not diluted as the buffer pushing the movable seal is kept separate. The parameters are found on the Peak Fractionation page. The purifisr should be replaced every week. Please, refer to the Technical specifications for fuse data.

Monitor UPC consists of a control unit, an optical unit with lamp assembly and a choice of two flow cells optical path length 2 mm or 5 mma conductivity flow cell with integrated temperature sensor and a pH flow cell with pH electrode optional. Superloop must not be used with columns generating a column pressure higher than that stated in the table below.

The mains power switch must always be easy to access, and the mains plug must always be easy to disconnect. Check the tubing connectors.


ÄKTApurifier – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Make sure that the upper pressure limit of the system is lower than the maximum allowed mnaual of the Superloop. Sample loss during tube change can be eliminated by using drop synchronisation, or by using a built-in accumulator for intermediate liquid storage between tube change. Click here to select page Run setup consists of a number of pages. Up to 5 buffering components can be added. Make sure the switch valve is set correctly to the inlet A1.

If not, purge the pump with a syringe as described in 2. Settings in System Control. Sample loop Catalogue no. Preparation Prepare the injection valve and connect Superloop as follows: Check that the pump is operating correctly.

The mixer is positioned akra after the Pump P After a while the Windows desktop appears. UniNet-1 and UniNet-2, optional cabling installed. The method run is initiated in a series of pages in Run Setup in System Control. Check that the pH is not set purififr far from akkta pKa of the buffer aita. The main operating menu of the Monitor UV shows the absorbance values with 4 digits for up to 3 active wavelengths. At higher flow rates, the drops will turn to a continuous liquid stream.

If the syringe is removed before the sample is injected onto the column, selfdrainage can occur and the loop will be emptied. From this module you navigate through the control system. The peak size is set to a volume Peak Fractionation Volume that is larger than the actual peak volume.

ÄKTApurifier User Guide – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Be careful not to bend any tubing. Only spare parts that are approved or supplied by GE Healthcare may be used for maintaining or servicing the system. Select Pump to switch to the Pump instructions dialog. Scale-up to production is predictable and trouble-free. The Method Wizard is started. Lift off the mixer to remove the protective foam, and then refit.


When using hazardous chemicals, make sure that the entire system has been flushed thoroughly with bacteriostatic solution e. Make sure that piston rinsing system is always used when working with aqueous buffers with high salt concentration.


I The I parameter eliminates the stationary error, but results in a slight instability that might lead to oscillations in the actual flow.

The New Method dialog appears. Alta ratios obtained should all fall within the intervals given in column 5.

To perform outlet fractionation, select Outlet Valve in the Elution Fractionation dialog in the wizard. For standard mode, four sizes of tube racks purifer tube diameters of 12, 18 and 30 mm tubes, and well microplates are available.

Superloop 10 ml and Superloop 50 ml must not be used at pressures above 4 MPa 40 bar, psi. Refer to Section 8.

A rectangle appears on the screen. Our service and support will be on a best-effort basis, depending on the requirement of spare parts for service of the system. The printout consists of a chromatogram and an evaluation of the test result. Material Color Volume of 10 cm 0.