open world. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Welcome to Introduction to ActionScript , a book on ActionScript that anyone, including you, can edit!. These functions will be discussed in this chapter as well as the second section of this book. Other built-in functions do not belong to a built-in class. They can be. The definition of private has changed since ActionScript , where it allowed access by subclasses. If you do not specify an access modifier explicitly, the.

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Between these two supplemental efforts, we hope this book will be useful to a wide variety of scripters and allow you to progress along the ActionScript 3. This creates a new spot instance of the Dog class with the species ‘chihuahua’ and the colour ‘black’. We don’t need to use the constructor function on the Object class, either. They are provided by Flash. Since someBoolean was undefined, it was ‘not true’ but not false eitherso!

To learn more, get a more advanced book or check out the official ActionScript documentation. In this example, someNumber is at first undefinedthen set to null.

So far, we’ve only been referencing the apple from the main timeline. Distinctive covers complement our distinctive approach to technical topics, breathing personality and life into potentially dry subjects. Start Free Trial No credit card required.

That saves us from having to type in this. This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat This book is aimed at designers and developers without extensive ActionScript 3. Secondly, AS2 is easier for novice programmers. It is the grand-daddy of all classes. A method is a function that belongs to a certain cookbopk. Variables and Data Type. Note A note gives additional information, such as resources or a more detailed explanation.


The first five chapters—including coverage of the new ActionScript 3. This will be covered in the second section. The information presented in this book should be helpful for all novice Flash programmers, not just those who would like to create a game or interactive website.

Simply put the appropriate variable name or address and a dot before the usual function call. Consider the following example:.

From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Welcome Lucas Robert Bilodeau! Now suppose you put a worm in the apple and want to refer to the main timeline from the worm. This book was designed to be read linearly. Create a new MovieClip in the library. A variable which is not yet defined i. By using this site, you agree to the Actionscropt of Use and Privacy Policy. So, we started to research how we could fill this void and provide a book to our students that would really help them beyond the classroom.

If you find any of these inclusions to be too much to digest, feel free to skip them and come back to them later. Although we feel this volume covers the basics fairly well, both a familiarity with the Flash interface and knowledge of programming fundamentals is assumed.

Introduction to ActionScript 2.0/Properties and Methods

We won’t learnt how to make our own constructor functions until the third chapter. We hope this book will help ActionScript coders of all kinds—from curious to intimidated, from eager to experienced—embrace the power and performance of ActionScript 3. In the first frame of the main timeline: Introduction to ActionScript 2. We will talk about dynamic classes in the third section.


Preface – Learning ActionScript , 2nd Edition [Book]

That is just to show that undefined can be fit into any data type. Indicates menu titles, menu options, menu buttons, and keyboard modifiers such as Alt and Command. We will learn some of them in this chapter, and save the rest for the next section. Firstly, primitive data types don’t usually need constructors since they can be initialised with their literals.

Views Read Edit View history. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Properties and methods are the two components that constitute a class. What are you waiting for?

Also note that a number can be used with the! Constant width bold Shows commands or other text that should be typed literally. Null and undefined are considered equivalent values with the normal equality operator i.

Introduction to ActionScript /Properties and Methods – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Calling a method of another function is just as easy as accessing their variables. Finally, it is found that undefined is equal, but not strictly equal, to null. We are both developers who use ActionScript extensively actionsceipt our everyday work, but we are also teachers.

All the computer has to interpret your code is to append this.

Introduction to ActionScript 2.0/Introduction

As a basic text, this book has understandable constraints that limit the extent of coverage we can offer. We can also actlonscript an object’s properties with a variable:. We can do this:.