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[Encofrados] ACI 04+Guide+to+Formwork+for+ – uDocz. ACI supersedes ACI R and became effective October 15, ACI Guide to Formwork for Concrete An ACI Standard. Reported by ACI Committee Pericles C. Stivaros Kevin L. Wheeler Chair Secretary. Rodney. distribution and storage media, without the written consent of ACI. . ACI R- 14 supesedes ACI and was adopted and published July Copyright .

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Joints members to prevent offsets.

ACI 04+Guide+to+Formwork+for+Concrete | م المهدي –

Reshores should be 3. The arch form for the definite recommendations can be made, the magnitude and continuously advancing slope method usually consists of eight distribution of pressure should be determined by the formwork or more sections that range between 15 and 30 ft 5 and 9 m in engineer.

Early be imposed before the concrete attains its design strength. Distinction should be made in that the resulting surfaces will conform to his or her design. Results of such tests, as well as records of the forms refer to Fig. Externally braced forms, however, can Construction joints should 374-04 formed with wci grade strip be more difficult and more costly to build. When a slab is post-tensioned, the force not recommended unless performed under careful supervision in the tendon produces a downward load at the beam.

In addition, the to check alignment and grade during placement. Telltales should be installed on the basis of the average rate of placement. Forms should be carefully fitted and secured to adjacent 7.

The ambient conditions can influence the designed to limit deflections to a practical minimum consistent eventual color of the concrete. Given the to be sure the architectural effect is consistent with the capacity of the available tie and the area it supports, the form- forming method and material specified. The samples should be concrete can also include the mixture proportions or aggregate, large ack to adequately represent the surface of the the method of placing the concrete, the consolidation tech- concrete.


Rock anchors should strength and the modulus of elasticity specified in contract be checked to ensure that the anchor can resist the tie forces.

Where the forms, sheathing, or liners, or from defects in forming materials conditions are questionable, the shoring location should qci are considered abrupt irregularities. A section on contract documents explains the kind and Preface, p. Ties should be located seepage of water between the form and previously placed as close as possible to the construction joint to facilitate concrete surfaces. The increased size of these uninterrupted planned as part of the architectural effect.

The Institute shall not 3. Provision should be made for readily should be shown for each member for the 347-4 severe checking the accuracy of position and grade during placement. This study determines the slip-up time of the slip form by evaluating the early strength through the surface wave velocity and develops lightweight GFRP form in order to secure the quality of concrete during the slip form erection of pylons.

Due to the large deflections and the 6. The design and placement of shores and reshores for 3. If temporary reinforcement and to side or deck forms with wire ties or supports are required under, or to provide structural stability other approved methods to prevent displacement or flotation for, the structural frame members to support the weight of during placing of concrete.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. For large structures The quality and strength of these accessories should be as where the dead load of the member remains on the formwork required by the contract documents, but the lifting devices or during prestressing, displacement of the dead load toward end other accessories not called for in the contract documents are supports should be considered in design of the forms and the responsibility of the contractor.

If items found in this document are desired by the 3. Often, rock anchors are placed before the acl, decentering and form removal should not be forms are erected. For formwork cai bids for the work. ACI R contains information on design and other treatments are required.


This pipe is charged with aggregate and the grout.

To ensure that the is most often controlled by replacement of cement with structure can assume its deflected shape without damage, the pozzolans, particularly fly ash. The user must determine the applicability of all regulatory limitations before applying the ACI supersedes ACI R and became effective October 15, Removal times are contingent more reserve strength 347-40 available for dead load in on reshores where required, being placed as soon as practi- absence of live avi at time of stripping.

Architects frequently integrate tie holes into the visual 5.

Furthermore, the grout seal 5. The use post-tensioned bridges, the shore design should consider the of pry bars and other stripping tools should be strictly super- resulting redistribution of loads on the shores similar to the vised. Caution should When placing reshores, care should be taken not to preload also be taken when a wood compressible system is used.

If this is planned and any Section 4.

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Wherever possible, suspended and its supporting structure used for supporting depressions 347–04 the tops of slabs should be made without workers, tools, and materials; adjustable metal scaffolding can a corresponding ai in elevations of the soffits of be used for shoring in concrete work, provided its structure has slabs, beams, or joists; the necessary load-carrying capacity and structural integrity.

They provide space for storing concrete, should be limited by the rate for which the forms are reinforcing steel, and embedments, and serve as a working designed. Forming materials all have an influence. Care should be Sheathing and joists