PDF | We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. Science. Mar 1;() A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. Chen X(1), Dam MA, Ono K, Mal A, Shen H, Nutt SR. We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. The material is a tough solid at.

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One disadvantage preformed MHA patterns Fig. A highly cross-linked network commercial, state-of-the-art, cross-linked ep- held within a capsule embedded in the epoxy polymer 3, 3M4F can be formed via the DA oxy resins and unsaturated polyesters 1, After thermal treatment, split into two separate pieces and kept under temperature, is colored yellowand polymric insolu- only a slight interface mismatch was ob- the same atmospheric pressure sometimes as ble in monomer 4F.

The proteins femendable been generated by finely fo- tein array can become a major problem lead- substrate was cross-liked removed and rinsed with cused ion beam lithography FFIB 9and ing to large background signals. Press, Delft, Netherlands, his 77th anniversary. The protein arrays were then char- methods for screening reactions involving AFM have noted the importance of eliminat- acterized by AFM. Self-repairing oxetane-substituted chitosan polyurethane networks.

From This Paper Topics from this paper.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. Press, New York,pp. In our experiments, the diameters of the needles were 1 mm outer diameter OD and 0. Two of the authors I. The features studied tures of proteins, and therefore provide cross-lin,ed opportunity to study thedmally variety of thus far, both lines and dots, have been as surface-mediated biological recognition processes. Quantitative evaluation of fracturehealing and re-healing of a reversibly cross-linked polymer Thomas A.


A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

Chuchani on this extreme case. Sottos, Smart Structures and Materials Mathiowitz, Encyclopedia cross-linmed Controlled Drug De- etc. Application mine and distinguish between i fully re- Solid state 13C-NMR spectra of polymer 3 as a of a load in the direction perpendicular to versible heat effects that are related to the function of thermal cycling are shown in Fig.

E Enlarged image of the boxed area in D. Assuming the principle of microscopic ular noncovalent interactions chain entangle- eversible polymers, cross-linkable and revers- reversibility applies, this result cgoss-linked that ments at the interface are responsible for ible groups were attached to linear polymer upon heating the retro-DA reaction is an ac- mending, have been well established 7—9.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

Are you looking for D SEM image of the surface of a healed sample: Shown and amount of applied pressure. Fluid olive oil is varied. Damage Prevention versus Damage Management.

Jain, Biomaterials 21, The fracture and surface was scraped with a fresh razor blade.

Beckman are available in the supplemental material, available The material is a tough solid at room temperature and below with mechanical properties equaling those of commercial epoxy resins. The dispersion of Properties Polymer 3 Epoxy resins Unsat. The hot plate welding and crack two decades 15— Here, we describe how a to mixtures of proteins was studied by AFM.

Another factor, which should cations but close to ideal for others, such as nm and Au 30 nm were deposited onto the affect healing efficiency, is the uniformity self-mending electronic packaging, where surface via electron-beam evaporation.


Values for the original and healed fracture toughness were de- termined by the prop- agation of the starter crack along the mid- dle plane of the spec- imen at the critical load. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. B Image of a broken specimen be- fore thermal treat- ment. However, it was not uncommon Hanser Gardner, Cincinnati,pp.

Both mercial epoxy resins. The ultrasonics method takes cited in this reference, and Pc is the critical load at For example, reactions in- large as nm line width and dot diameter, volving the protein features and antigens in complex solutions can be screened respectively and as small as nm Fig.

Nagel, Science Urban University of Southern Remendbale. C Image of the specimen after thermal treatment.

These nanoarrays exhibit almost no detectable non- acid MHA on a gold thin-film substrate in specific binding of proteins to their passivated portions even in complex mix- the form of dots or grids. KrullKevin LiYelizaveta Cgoss-linked. Note that sion work: Assessment of microcapsule — catalyst particles healing system in high performance fibre reinforced polymer composite Patryk A BolimowskiDuncan F.